Law of Attraction and Focusing on News/Conspiracy Theories

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I used to be really into conspiracy theories. I found (find tbh) them really interesting. I have a curious personality, and all this underground information is so dazzling and interesting and unusual.

And sinister.

There's a belief in our world that a person needs to be well-informed. The goal in conspiracy crowds is to "wake up the masses." Their definition of waking up is for the masses to believe that the world is run by an elite shadow government who's into Satanism and the occult. That's not what I would call waking up. My best definition of waking up would be to wake up to True You which is to wake up to love which is to wake up to your True Power. My best definition of waking up would be alignment with your Source Energy. Which reading about sinister world events pinches you off from.

In the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal coming to light, I find myself going down deep rabbit holes. It's validating that everything I read for all those years is out in the open. And the information is so unconventional. And it makes you feel like, "What world is this that I'm living in?" which is kind of addicting. Reading it hooks you into their energy field. And from my experience, when we're hooked into that energy field we're out of our power. I feel just absolutely miserable when I go down that rabbit hole. Once my curiosity is peaked and I read just one thing, my day's plans are out the window and down the rabbit hole I go. It was about 4 pm yesterday that I started. It's 10 am the next day, and I'm in the dark hole. The world feels sinister. I feel a certain level of despair and negativity. I'm not in my power. I'm not at my best.

But that being said, it occurs to me as I'm reading this that this is the world we live in. And there's nothing wrong with it. The Earth Plane is one of contrasting experience. It's an experience where we can experience something that feels like something other than the Divine Love that we ultimately are. And I think that must be a very exciting experience for our Infinite Selves to shake things up and go on a roller coaster ride of human experience if you will.

I believe there's nothing "wrong" here. In fact, I've come to a place where I can watch a music video riddled with their occult symbolism that's full of dark energy and find it beautiful and captivating in its own way.

All is well.
ALL is well.
Well-being abounds.

Maybe that seems asinine to you to read, and that's fine. But at a certain level of consciousness, you get it. You get that we're all just out here expanding and that all of this sinister energy is people helping us to expand. Because it's the dark, the opposites, the contrast that makes us expand.

All throughout history there have been people who did things about things. The most successful of them didn't oppose what they didn't want but worked toward what they do want.

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”
Mother Teresa

(There's some pretty sinister stuff about the activities of Mother Teresa out there, but that doesn't take away the value and wisdom of her quote.)

Awareness isn't necessarily the problem. We don't have to run from "negative" scenarios, experiences, information, and beliefs. We can absolutely expose ourselves to them. The point is to have an awareness of our energy, take care of ourselves, and know where our power is. We must always focus on how we feel and whether we feel in our power. Exposing myself to all this again is launching a lot of ideas about raising the energy of the collective, healing our shadows, and purifying our own energy, which acts as a real solution to the problems I read about. Since I know how to focus energy and be in my power, I feel that my work is extremely valuable. So what if by reading the sinister, dark information I tapped into that dark energy but what came from it is that I snap back into my power and with the information I have, desires are launched, and because of my connection with MY Source Energy, I'm able to help even one person, and by helping that person to be in their power, the collective is affected? Would you say a good thing came from that? Would you say that my intermingling in this arena and writing on these subjects is helpful to people who immerse themselves in that world? It's ok to engage.

It's also ok to not engage.

Because what I would like to see people really understanding on a true level is that it's what we ARE that's important. It's the energy that we hold. It's who we be.

No one has to impose anything. A person who is pure love and joy and smiles at strangers at the grocery store might do more for the collective of humanity than the person who spends his life on r/conspiracy.

I don't think we can get it wrong in the grand scheme of things. We're here to experiment and expand and be interested in things. It's fun to play. We can get a little dirty with our vibrations sometimes. If you're somewhat new to the teachings of Law of Attraction and you're in the beginning stages of honing your focus and raising your vibration, it's probably a great idea to keep it as pure as possible by staying away from the news and low vibration stuff more and more. But to run away from it is not necessary. To feel powerless against it is not necessary.

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Well said. Highly agree. Blessings 🙏

Hi @weirdheadaches is that my boy Thich on your profile pic? 💗 How have you been, brother?

Ha hahhhh, someone noticed tehe. Yes it is him. I believe he is still alive, but last i heard he is in the dying process in Vietnam in the temple he first became a Buddhist. I am doing well, ty for asking. Hope you are also 😊

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Thanks for your article. I am a very spiritual person and I have studied the law of attraction and conspiracy theories, society and culture, a course in miracles, etc. I believe in freedom and health for all. I believe in justice for the Indigenous Nations.

Through my studies, on such things as "The Law of Attraction." i have come to believe that although there are many good belief systems contained in these teachings, it is harmful to live by these principles, simply because if we ignore what is going on around us and don't take action, then the corruption will continue and we will never experience freedom.

It seems to me that this is what our masters would want us to believe, that we are each responsible for our own circumstances and it is dependent on our thoughts and emotions. This keeps us blaming one another for our status in this society instead of looking at the systemic racism that is embedded within this society.

I believe we need to take action against the corruption and aim to create a better world for us all.

We simply withdraw from this system and don't offer it our support anymore. We don't buy their systems, enroll in their schools, use their currency.

To me the law of attraction was not very helpful and it feels like living with your head in the sand and saying to yourself that everything is great and wonderful, when there are many suffering around us and the system is set-up in such a way, to keep us enslaved.

An orca or dolphin cannot live successfully on land because they are not provided with what they need to survive, just like a enlightened person cannot live successfully within this capitalist society because we are not provided with what we require to be free here.

Thanks for your comment.

simply because if we ignore what is going on around us and don't take action

This is not what Law of Attraction is. Law of Attraction teachings teach us to take inspired action that comes from alignment with our Source.

that we are each responsible for our own circumstances and it is dependent on our thoughts and emotions.

I wish because this is what self empowerment is. Believing that others are in control of us is victim mentality which is the worst poison anyone can take.

These are common misconceptions and assumptions people have about Law of Attraction teachings who haven't studied in any depth.

I appreciate your response.

I was wondering how one is able to take inspired action if they ignore what is going on in the world in terms of corruption and injustices?

If you do not believe that others are not in control of us, then i'm not sure where you are living, but it cannot be in the west. Our lives, values, belief systems are dictated by outside forces. Our concepts and ideas are passed down from one generation to the next. Norms are established by social conditioning and rules and enforced and we are taught to obey and not ask questions.

Unfortunately today, we live in an increasingly toxic environment and our society is structured in such a way that creates inequality and is discriminatory and racist, in many aspects of the way it functions.

These are such things occupying stolen land of the Indigenous Nations, and then designating certain segments of the land to the Indigenous and the rest to the occupiers, who claim it as their own and then allow for the destruction of our homeland and the extraction of the resources.

Simply saying that one is playing the victim mentality ignores the genocidal actions of the past, and as the great thinkers have stated, if we fail to understand the true reality of the past and what caused these horrific actions, then there is a great danger that these events will repeat themselves again in the future.

I believe the worst poison we can take is accepting the values, beliefs and customs of the dominant culture of capitalism.

I believe that the Law of Attraction teaches to ignore reality and pretend that negative things are not taking place in the outside world. It seems to me it's like if someone were to be assaulted in the same room as you were in and instead of acknowledging this is taking place, you choose to close your eyes, and focus on more pleasant things.

This might be a better scenario for you, but it does little to help the other person in need.

That is how I see law of attraction, I see it as an arm of our masters. It's hard to accept anything that mainstream is selling and I prefer to follow the teachings of the Indigenous Nations, who have been here since time immemorial.

You can either fight them on their level of fear and primal savagery, perpetuating their story, or you can step into a higher paradigm with the Gandhis and the Martin Luther Kings creating a new story that's not in REACTION to theirs. Law of Attraction teachings are about being proactive, not responding to low fear. LOA is always in action regardless of what you believe. So you can choose to create out of reaction to others creating more violence, fear, negativity and illness, or stepping into a higher paradigm and proactively creating. Since this is a planet of free will, you get to choose.


as @freebornangel says
"No man is more perfectly enslaved than the man that thinks himself falsely free."

His information is on point, it's worth checking out, I believe.

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