Anti-5G'ers are terrorists. They need to stop right now!

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I will admit, I am a fan of conspiracy theories, but only when they're backed up by science and credible evidence. One of the conspiracy theories making the rounds recently is that of 5G and how it's helping to spread the coronavirus around.

Definition of "terrorism"

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

If striking fear into those who want better connectivity to further "flatten" the world and welcome the age of "internet of things" is the agenda, then i'd say this is pretty politically motivated and certainly isn't on any scientific basis.

It is especially true when you consider that these terrorists are not only attacking the 5G masts themselves, but also the engineers putting them up.

Sounds like these people have been given hammers and now they're just looking at everything as nails.

What do the conspiracy theorists claim?

It is no secret that 5G deployment has taken a lot of flak since it was introduced at the beginning of the year, and we must understand that when we refer to "5G conspiracy theory," we're actually referring to not just one, but a family of theories that try to paint 5G technology as damaging to the health of the individual.

The main argument is that 5G is a more powerful signal than the signal technologies before it, and therefore they must be dangerous because those invisible waves can fry the brain cells and cause DNA mutations.

Along came Coronavirus and the conspiracy theorists concede (well done..) that the 5G signals are not the cause of the virus itself, but is harming the immune systems of the individual with electromagnetic radiation which helped accelerate the pandemic.

As the pandemic got worse, and lockdown measures introduced, the claims from the anti-5G camp simply got worse. They think that the deployment of 5G by engineers during the lockdown is some hoax planned by the government to get as many 5G masts as possible up unhindered by many people outside. The fact that this was able to happen at a quicker rate during the lockdown, whilst the pandemic accelerated in it's severity, lead to the conspiracy theorists putting 2 and 2 together, and saying that these two un-related events are actually cause and effect.

Of course, the telecommunications industry isn't prepared to fry everyone's brains and irradiate the whole world. That would be silly. Scientists have long known the thresholds of the electromagnetic spectrum, such that the "radiation" from the phone signals are tightly regulated by governments and stay far clear of electromagnetic radiation.


Some people just have an axe to grind.

If there were any sort of specific proposed mechanism for non-ionizing radiation hurting people, other than by heating, it would be possible to investigate these. But there isn't. So "proving its safe" unpacks in practice into "exhaust yourself trying to guess what i'm worried about and prove it's bullshit, while I commit to nothing."

Unfortunately, up until recently, the attacks have surfaced on the 5G masts themselves, but with people getting really desperate after being locked down for 2 months, some of the attacks are now focused on the engineers installing the masts.

One unfortunate turn of events lead to an engineer being spat in the face by an anti-5g "terrorist", and now the engineer is suspected of being infected with coronavirus.

Getting spat in the face and catching a disease is violence, and meant to instil fear.

This is terrorism and it needs to stop.


While people can blog about this kind of thing, there will always be those that act according to their best interests. Even if it means doing great harm to others.

As for EMF itself being harmful: On the surface, natural levels of infrared waves have no harmful effect. We have been under artificial radio waves for generations now. So microwaves being in between should be harmless. How would you really know?

Your mind is like a parachute: If it doesn't open, it doesn't work - Trace Mayer.

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