When Will the End Come?

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This post is relevant to what Randal Carlson, in my previous post, was talking about but it is speculative metaphysics and I can’t prove any of it. Just don’t watch the endless B.S. spewed by Gaiam T.V. if you’re looking for answers to the question WTF is going on around here:)

"This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev'rything that stands The end" Jim Morrison

 It's a difficult question to answer, but I would say this-- IMO, there is never an end as there was never a beginning. It simply always, 'IS"! But, in the cosmology espoused on this blog--a quasi-gnostic perspective--there may be clues to this 'local' end of things on this planet/plane/hologram or whatever this place is.

The pyramids in Egypt and all the phenomenal megalithic architecture all around the earth-- laser hewed 1000 ton blocks--situated strategically in precise astronomical alignments do give us clues about our origin: in this case the work of what I call archons.

Alternate history would call them The Lemurian's and The Anunnaki. They are humanities creators and they are imprisoned here via some type of prison matrix/grid. They made us. They view us as slaves. They are very close to achieving a long-term goal of having the technology to blow up the prison matrix/grid. They are not allowed to do this but have every universal right to exist and be evil.

They won't be allowed to go where they are forbidden: past the prison matrix/grid which constrains them and us. They are 100% obsessed with wanting to break free. What people traditionally call god on this planet will be forced to act for the betterment of all healthy life which exists outside this prison matrix/grid. The time might be much closer than anyone can imagine. And yes, our perception of reality is obscured because of this unique situation.What will happen to me? I don't know what will happen to you. The only thing I would offer is-- do not break The Golden Rule!

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism per se or any other religion which are riddled with falsity. Stop exploiting humans for unnecessary personal gain and profit; if you own more than one property then sell it and seek to do good with the proceeds; run your business's to the letter and spirit of The Golden Rule. Prey to the 'truth of all existence' that you be not trapped also in the prison matrix/grid; but are rather set free to the higher dimensions as this cosmic drama unfolds.

Could I be wrong about these speculations?  Yes, although I surely believe I Am not. Do not send me money on this particular issue. No one's sure of the timeline so be prudent and honest in your business dealings but make necessary changes immediately. Even if I am wrong the current economic model will doom most of us anyway because of fiat currency and its 'obscene’ inflation and unsustainable environmental consequences.

BTW: this is not about traditional religious morality! This is about you and your future and your heart and your mind and how it relates to existence. There is very little 'wiggle' room here. You have a very limited set of options. This is in no way associated with the falsity of New Age religion.But you are a spark of the infinite...Or, you very well may be.

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The end comes when you die, there is no self outside the brain, every thought you make and emotion comes from brain. If you alter the brain you can alter emotions and thoughts, that's why there is no afterlife or anything metaphysical.


Spoken like a practicing Jain:)
I have a Theravadin monk friend I talk to occasionally and he swears the cosmology he believes in is real.
And if we can't know the thing in itself then how could we say with surety that it doesn't exist?
Maybe it is best not to talk about such things but that's a diferent issue than what exists and what doesn't.
Could you imagine a scenerio where we exist beyond what we are now?
What if there is another earth just like this one on a parallel dimension and on that earth every choice one makes turns out good unlike this one where all choices lead to varying types of suckdom...


I am not certain for anything, actually i am so open to find something more than what we get here, i expect someone to prove me wrong. Not believing in God with whatever that means is actually being honest with myself. I cant understand people who say i believe in God, i am actually what do you mean you believe in God? or some say God helped me and go on with all these crazy scenarios. I like that part on the video 13:45 it's about belief

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I should probably mention that I'm not a believer in free will in an ordinary sense. If you get out of here it's because someone deems you worthy to be taken out based on THEIR reasons and knowledge. I do believe, however, that the horror of this place doesn't exist in higher dimensions so it wouldn't hurt to learn how to behave in like manner(higher dimensions) here. This at least gives you a chance of getting out!

I put 'plane' in only because I still consider that a possibility but it's highly unlikely (extraordinarily unlikely) this earth is flat; in fact, I can prove it isn't, I think, via one simple thought experiment.

Great words here me friend .. indeed words that resonate.

run your business's to the letter and spirit of The Golden Rule

I couldn't agree more, sadly the construct of our society is such that it seeks to insidiously pull us away from this rule and into an inversion of who we are and who we should be. As the collective are increasingly technologically kettled into the same thought ghettos, this subliminal inversion gains a ever larger audience and begins to spread like a virus.

Nice work @andrewmarkmusic


Practicing this mode of economic thinking in a world premised on usury also makes one poor as a church mouse with a quadzillion hungry wildcats about:D You may get my drift...