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in conspiracies •  3 months ago

I am frequently surprised about how people in the truth movement gush about Julian Assange and wikileaks.

Whatever "revelation" Assange puts out is accepted as the ultimate truth and as a victory of the truth movement.

Now, I do not make any statements about whether he might be controlled opposition or not.

Well, if you do just a bit of research about him, you will find quite a few interesting facts.

About him and the CIA.

But that could all very well be completely meaningless and coincidental.

He might be a totally good guy. Totally. A warrior for the truth.
He puts his life in danger every day to put out the truth.

For the time being I have only one question.

How do you reconcile his position on 9/11

Is he right about 9/11?
Was it really done by Osama Bin Laden and his goathearders?
Is everybody who has his suspicions about the official report of 9/11 just a dumb, annoying conspiracy theorist who distracts from the real problems?

Or is Assange too busy to see look into this old, meaningless issue?
To busy with more important "revelations"?
What did wikileaks actually put out that was not already known and really damaging?

Or is he just wrong about this issue, for whatever reason but everything else he "reveals" is right and true and without any agenda being served for the CIA?
Is his take on 9/11 just his personal opinion and he has a right to believe whatever he wants?

Seriously. How do you reconcile this?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

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