Mana Bars and Magic Swords

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Throwback to the Pisces full moon opposite Virgo Sun, photo taken by me


this is a word from the Māori people, indigenous to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Mana means presence and power, and it is one of the qualities of the great Maori chiefs and orators. To have mana means a complete confidence in yourself, it means to be backed by the gods and the raw magic of life.

I have also heard quoted something which I think is a biblical reference. This is the idea of 'mana from the gods'. There is a sense of being favored, energized, and empowered in this saying. Using the idea of the gods we find an external focus on a being of great expansion and then access it through them.

Within popular culture mana is usually a blue substance that powers 'spells'. This is a common characteristic of video games, especially role playing games. There is the core idea of having two or more meters. These meters/bars measure how many times we can use our abilities or spells, and how much damage we can sustain.

If the bar reaches zero then we can't use any more magic, or in the case of the health bar - we die.


So there is a sense that mana is life, and it empowers life to become extra ordinary. Through inhabiting mana and energy, we can power up various modules and abilities. It's just the same with electricity, you have a certain amount of output being generated. If there is one solar panel perhaps you can run a fridge and charge 1 phone, then with two panels you could add a freezer and computer.

Just like this our Mana increases the capacity to inhabit and express life.

If we use this kind of logic then we can align ourselves in the manner which generates the greatest level of mana. We do it in a purely mechanistic way, paying attention only to the experiments and the raw data. From there we make our assessments and act on what works and what doesn't.

When we speak from own Mana, we don't do it for any sense of recognition. In fact it can make a part of us frightened to speak from our power. The frightened aspect is the mental identity construct. When speaking from Mana we do so to honor the truth, expressing our own deep authenticity. Our real authenticity is a transcendental authenticity which has no agenda or obligation to any notion.

In pure honesty there is no questions asked, the sincereness cuts through the intellectual flapping.

Speaking from the place of energy and frequency, the words are secondary to the wholeness and presence which projects them. Words are the top layer of internal experience, below that is feelings, and below that are subtle spiritual energies. Having presence is the action of staying connected to these deeper realms at all times and in all interactions.

Having Mana means wholeness and connection.


What are the mechanisms to supply mana to the organism we live in?

That is the study and science of Yoga, and also the study of Qi Gong. The enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda said during one of his satsangs, that yoga doesn't bother working on the mind. Yoga has two approaches, one is working on the body, and the other is working on the consciousness its self.

They don't bother working on the mind, because it is considered a waste of time. We can lose months and even years thinking about things, never acting on that energy and carrying it through.

In the pursuit of increased mana, mental speculation is the least effective way to upgrade the energy output. Thoughts are actually often cyclical and obsessive, they keep us paralyzed with fear and unable to take action. Doubts stop people from taking the kinds of action which will actually change their lives. We endlessly justify marginalization, and our clarity gets greatly clouded by having so many opinions about everything.

When we do any kind of breathing, exercise, or meditation we work on the body level to open up the natural generators there. The truth is that the body naturally produces an abundance of energy, and we have been conditioned to believe the body needs so many things in order to be alive and ecstatic. We live out this belief without challenging it with our actions.

To understand this we have to come to accept that our thoughts and beliefs become embedded into our version of reality. We will only allow certain things to be real, based on the consciousness we inhabit. It is less to do with the active visible thoughts, and more to do with deeply held and possibly unconscious assumptions.


The Magic Sword

The magic sword is a method that I am proposing to you, a method in which the access to your own energy source is spontaneous and powerful. Any method which doesn't work for you in your own experience and under your own permission is not a real method. Methods which rely on external sources can be taken away from you easily. Using this criteria we can throw almost every method out the window.

What I mean when I say the magic sword, is imagining a weapon which is so unbelievably powerful that it will completely incinerate anything it touches. The common understanding is that the most powerful beings such as gods or aliens or advanced technologies will not bother to crudely break things. These beings will more likely completely erase these things through disintegration or perhaps teleportation. In the multidimensional sense we could say that higher beings simply shift out of that lower dimension instead of directly engaging anything in it.

This is the kind of metaphor that the magic sword represents. It is a high vibrational power which vanishes things by enhancing the clarity of the person wielding it. The sword embodies an absolute sharpness. Through sharpness any projection or idea of what life is - will be sliced away. Even the smoothest and most embedded assumptions will be cut and cleared from the surface of reality, leaving only the stark perception of what is.

"The might Mahmud, the victorious
That all the misbelieving and black
Of fears and Sorrows that infest
the Soul
Scatters and slays with his enchanted

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, Quatrain 44


Embodying the sword means embodying a level of incredible intensity - the kind of intensity that a warrior uses when they enter a fight which potentially ends in their death.

Using the magic sword is as simple as embodying it into our state of attention. If we interact with life with great intensity and clarity then naturally all untrue things will be sundered. Accessing this intensity means to wield the magic sword. It rarely has to be used with any force at all, because most untruths will be afraid to show themselves in its presence. They will only come dressed in disguises.

The sword slashes through deception, because it has no fear of it's own death. It has sureness of purpose. It is a light sword or a light saber.

When we draw the light saber and turn it on, it lights up the room. In this way the magic sword never seeks it's enemies demise, it's mere presence ends the conflict by negating it utterly.


Why this one method?

That is the magic sword, the number one method of inhabiting Mana and reconnecting to our energy source. When we cast aside our delusions we regain our natural state of complete connection and receptivity to the energy of life.

To recap, bringing intensity and ferocity to life is what adjusts the variables and returns honest feedback to us. Spending excessive time in the mind only serves to multiply our delusions and bog us down in unnecessary considerations.

My magic sword technique is just a way of phrasing the core teaching of every path and every method - the essential truth you could say.

The essential truth is that we are not the mind and body, we are the raw perception and experience of this life, and that to have real clarity we need to cast aside our assumptions and conditioning about what life is and who we are.

"Without leaving his door
He knows everything under heaven.
Without looking out of his window
He knows all of the ways of heaven.
For the further one travels
The less one knows.
Therefore the Sage arrives without going,
Sees all without looking,
Does nothing, yet achieves everything."

Tao Te Ching

Balance and Spaciousness my friends
Love Ya

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