Only What You Bring With You

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Luke: “What’s in there?”

Yoda: “Only what you take with you.”

This scene has always spoken to me. So many things in life amplify what we already are. Interested in a psychedelic journey? You’ll probably discover what you take with you. Want to influence the world in some way? How you influence your own body and mental/spiritual self will determine your outcome.

I’ll be 41 in January. As the movie goes, “Too old to begin the training.” I sometimes feel like a Skywalker who hasn’t found a Yoda yet. I feel as someone who spent decades stuck in dogma or rejecting deeper truths all together who is just now waking up to (or, more accurately, remembering) the calling of purpose in their life (or dharma, if that word works). There is so much I want to learn!!! Endless mysteries and tools to help me along my journey. Part of me thinks it’s all out there to discover. Another part of me knows it’s all there inside of me.

It’s only what I take with me.

Listening to my breath. Feeling my heart. Focusing on my universe of trillions of cells working their jobs in harmony as tissues and organs, thanklessly serving the whole. Loving myself and giving gratitude filled thanks for every part of the body is the first step in loving and maybe even healing the world.

When in harmony, these parts don’t seek power over each other. They are in balance and harmony. Cells being born and dying like stars and humans and galaxies and sub atomic particles, coming into and out of existence at all times.

Bring with you love and light. Let the process unfold. Power and control are seductive illusions which lead to the void.

The shadow side of yourself which includes fear, anger, hatred, and rigid expectations are not bad. Those emotions are not evil things to be swept under the rug as quickly as they appear. They are signposts, directing, even urging, you forward to go deeper into yourself and your areas of greatest potential and growth as you heal your trauma. If what you see in the world around you causes you discomfort, then find the fractal pattern of that discomfort within your own soul/spirit/body/mind.

Only by healing ourselves will we find a world of healed conscious beings.

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Your last several posts have really resonated with me. Everything that we experience on the outside is really a mirror showing us what's inside of ourselves.

I choose to keep what aligns with my truest self and release the rest.

If the universe is a fractal, then what we do internally relates to what we see externally.

Beautifully said. I concur.

This has been my journey as well.

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Love this. I remember a couple years back that you spoke on this blog about self authoring. I eventually did it as well and found it to be immensely helpful. It was a condensation into one relatively quick process what would have otherwise taken me decades to achieve on my own, and this is a journey I had been diligently working on for about a decade prior. Did you find it similarly helpful?

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Can you explain what you mean by self-authoring? Which post do you mean?

Oh, guess not lol. I think it was you, but I could be wrong. Self-Authoring is a paid service that Jordan Peterson co-created with a couple other PhD's when he was on the verge of his current fame. It sort of distills the process that someone would go through during psychotherapy by asking a series of pointed questions in which you're asked to tell your life story to yourself in past, present and future iterations. This is in written form of course, thus the term "self-authoring". Similar to free form journaling in which you do written goal setting, it's been proven to increase success in achieving life goals, but at a rate that's much higher than other methods. My memory could be wrong, but I thought I heard about it through you in 2016. I'm searching through your blog now to see if I can find it...

Sorry, it was someone else, my apologies.

Bruce Lee said it in Circle of Iron, but he called it the silent flute.
If you haven't seen the movie DO NOT watch this clip.
It is at the very end of the movie.
Guaranteed spoiler.

Will watch it, thanks.

Loved it, thank you. The truth is within.

That Bruce Lee was something.
He died before he could get this film made.

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