Causality, Consciousness, Natural Law and the Trivium Method

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We have the Choice to align and unite with Moral Law, or not. The Effects we Cause cannot be changed once they manifest. The Power to create Change is in our will embodying the higher, realer, truer potential of moral truth.

Note, this is my earlier work (2014), when I still had unfounded belief terminology through the influence of the information I had taken in, which I have since corrected. The terminology can be understood as symbolism and still holds valid for the explanations/understandings provided.

You can replace the terminology "Natural Law" with Moral Law. Please also replace the symbolism of "Natural Law Will", or "Higher Will of Natural Law", etc., with understanding that this means the higher, realer, truer moral potential will we can choose to live by, of a way of being that we can realize, actualize and individuate by understanding and caring for moral truth and choosing to willfully voluntarily align and embody these moral principles into how we live, act and behave, as opposed to a lower, unrealer, falser way of being and living. Real, true, right, authentic (maa) self-determination in alignment with higher, truer, realer moral potential for Life and Living, rather then ignoring that moral potential and choosing lower consciousness modalities of "living". Evolution and change towards higher, realer, truer consciousness potential. That is all it means. Please do not take it literally as some imaginary "will" somewhere else...


Free Will Choice and Causality



Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness is when thoughts, emotions and actions are not conflicting. As we think, so we feel, and so we do. Our actions do not betray our words, thoughts or feelings.



Causality, Consciousness and Choice



Aggregate Sowing and Reaping

We’re all in this together. Our actions affect others and their actions affect us. As one suffers we all suffer.

As we and others sow, so shall we and others reap.

Manifesting consciousness produces effects in the world. Each individuated unit of consciousness is a portion or segment of will. Alignment of our will with Higher Will produces Right-Action.

Effects produced go out into the world and interact with other manifestations to reciprocally affect us all. Rejection of Truth, Morality & Natural Law Will reciprocates as chaos or entropy.



Reality Affection – Man’s will vs. Natural Law’s Will

Reality Affection is both the affect we have on reality and its affect on us, and the affection of True Care that we have.



Causality, Consciousness, Choice and Trivium

This is how we actively create reality, or allow reality to be created for us towards control and enslavement through our programmed, conditioned and mind controlled ways of living in falsity, wrong, immorality and evil.

We can choose to align, embody and walk The Way, Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. to create a wonderful world of Heaven for all sentient animate beings, or we can choose to deny and reject it’s importance and continue to go downhill and create more of a Hell to live in.

The process of Living, how consciousness processes reality that has manifested in order to manifest more reality in the Wisdom of Right-action, or the foolishness of wrong-action.

Causality,-Consciousness,-Choice and-Trivium


Empowering Change

Free Will Choice to Care and be Empowered to Change things with Understanding (why) of Knowledge (what). Lack of knowledge, understanding, care, will-power or courage indicates unconsciousness to some degree.

People don't want to learn, as they lack real Care for Truth, yet they hope to do the right thing in their ignorant state.

How do you change do to the right? You learn. Understanding of Knowledge is the Power to generate the Force that can move you to Change.

If you are not doing what needs to be done yet, or what you don't even know you are not doing right, then maybe you lack knowledge and need to learn more Truth in order to develop the motivational power to engage in the change that is required.



Care for Truth

Care for Truth is the motivational generator that will allow us to actualize a future of True Freedom and Peace. Care for Truth is Care for Natural Moral Law. To seek Truth (level 1), embrace and accept it once we find it (level 2), and then aligning ourselves with the Moral Virtues of the Higher Self and Higher Will to embody, live and be that Truth (level 3).

Once we understand, embrace and embody the Truth, there is also a "Care for Truth - Level 4", in tandem with the "Great Work - Level 2", which is to share/speak/preach the Truth you live with others for them to learn from and live themselves. That is how we get other people to embark on this process to manifest what we want in the aggregate. One person alone in Wisdom will not create True Freedom and Peace. Everyone in the aggregate Wisdom of Right-Action will create the True Freedom and Peace.

The Magician influences others through their passion for the Great Work and inspires them to do the same and engage in the Great Work themselves.



Authored by Kris Nelson/@krnel
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This is an awesome article, and highly relatable for me. I was first exposed to these concepts by Mark Passio's Natural Law conference. Amongst that, there was a bunch of other information in regards to understanding how to decode reality, and the words we use to describe it.

Can't wait to see more of your work :)


Thanks! I learned some things from Passio, and then dug deeper with my own thinking and started to create my own work. I will keep posting my work on steemit, it's a great platform to get it out to more people. Peace.

thanks for sharing this material. I like what you posted. if you want you can visit my blogg you. Thank you

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We all have free will but we need to face the consequences of our choice. I do believe that we sow what we reap. This is the boomerang effect. If we send out love, we will receive love.