Gods Plan is Blossoming Consciousness.

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Those who truly know themselves; know themselves internally as consciousness.

Those who know themselves, cognize Gods plan.

Those who truly know themselves, are those who know themselves as expanding consciousness that is manifest spirit.

Those who know this; also cognize themselves as a part God's plan.

Those who know themselves , are those who know themselves as living, manifest God energy; aka spirit.

All who are conscious , are those individuals who have consciously realized that they are conscious - that they are the energy of consciousness.

These entities know that they have come from the source. subsequently, they know that if they have come from the same source of life that all comes from, is, and returns to - then their ultimate destiny is to return to this source.

Re-cognizing that they are this source of life in the first place, they become aware of their consciousness and its roots ; becoming more conscious.

They realize that if they are the source of life - as they are life - then they are already a part of the source of life.

Thus, their ultimate destiny is predestined as they already are their ultimate destiny and it is their source.

It is perhaps easiest to express through the following axiom; As above so below.

It can also be expressed through the axiom ; God is Math.

Because God has blossomed into existence through math.

Thus; Gods Plan is mathematical.
as spirit is a mathematical equation.

Gods plan opperates from the number 3 and the number 7.

3 is the number of creation - including number 0, the creation has come to be through a ceremony of 4 processes.

This ceremony in called creation.

The number 3 represents 4 processes.

The number 3 represents the creation of the omniverse - thus it represents the continuos expansion of creation.

As such it also represents blossoming consciousness - as this is Gods plan for you to return to him - it is a mathematical equation for God to expand.

Gods plan is blossoming consciousness - Gods plan is for you to return to him - to become him.

To become Bhagavan - one must become Samadhi.

This is Gods plan.

As Gods, this is our salvation.


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