Xylen Roberts-We Boldly Go (Experimental Conscious Hiphop Song)

In this video, I give you a track off my upcoming album The Simplicius Complex. The Simplicius Complex will be my latest album: a mixture of conscious experimental hiphop, synth pop and ballads. 'We Boldly Go' is of the experimental hiphop variation with lyrics that portray a dystopic vision of health endangering vaccines, horror show black magic science and menacing MIB agents jumping through portals. I am an eclectic experimental vocalist/songwriter/producer/musician/comedian/Youtuber/whatever hailing from West Virginia. Most of my lyrics are inspired by conspiracy theories, the supernatural, philosophical ponderings and more recently 'UNPC' topics. I also write stories and do video skits and discussions, but more on that for a different blog. Originally expected to release in April, temporary laptop malfunctions and recent health issues have caused me to delay the release of The Simplicius Complex. However I expect it to be released by the end of September at the latest. Check it out on DTube above.

The album will be released this Fall on Telestic Records. But I have over a dozen other albums/EPs etc. available there already: http://telesticrecords.bandcamp.com/

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MINDS https://www.minds.com/xylenroberts

Video sites
Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/xylen_roberts/

Music Soundclouds:
Xylen Roberts (solo singer/rapper/songwriter/production project) https://soundcloud.com/xylen-roberts
Mythshifter (instrumentals) https://soundcloud.com/mythshifter

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