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RE: The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence

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This is the first Collection of Congressional Tyranny I have ever seen, it's a list of everything that needs to be reversed, I just never seen it all in one article, very nice work Liberty Academy!


Thanks. There are a lot more shenanigans that could be included in there such as how Congress kowtow's and serves the interests of Israel too. But perhaps a shorter document will get more views and will help awaken a few more souls.

You did rather well with that list, it was a perfect history, first time I've seen it all put on one list, you would never stop writing if you talked about our government's collusion with Israel, I've recently come out in defense of Trump in his fight against the Deep State, but Trump gets a big fat F for his dealings with Israel, he's the worst on that subject! Israel has never been more Tyrannical than they are now under Trump's watch.

Those are some very astute and truthful observations about Trump especially with regards to Israel. Although many contend Trump is "business as usual" so to speak, he is not and is undoubtedly rustling some feathers of the Deep State apparatus / Establishment. He will either make or break himself, in my opinion, this Fall with the Mid-Term elections (and the remainder of his tenure as Prez, no matter how long it may be). He needs to start dropping those bombs (i.e., sealed indictments) very soon and fire his AG Sessions right after the Mid-Terms so they have a chance of being prosecuted justly. The sad thing is, though, no matter what happens with this, the dollar and the Fed are his biggest elephant in the room; the debt, annual budget deficits, pensions, etc., are too monumental for him to do something even minimally workable to rememedy the damage that has been done over the last several decades. If he manages to pull that off, he can do down as one of the greatests. But I won't hold my breath.