Is Confido still undervalued?

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  • Confido is a blockchain Paypal competitor.

  • It allows users to buy and sell items using cryptocurrency

  • A smart contract will execute 24 hours after the item is delivered, but if the item does not meet the required standard the payment is put on hold until the dispute is resolved

  • Confido had a small ICO cap of about $400,000 so it should not experience a mass whale sell off that some other cryptocurrencies that have much higher caps have seen.

  • The maximun number of Confido tokens is 15 million.

  • There is a small market cap which has the potential for alot of growth

  • The alpha launch is in January 2018 and they already have an app that you can look at.

  • They claim their product will be released first before any competitors

  • Transaction fees are cheap at 0.7%

  • The fees are redistributed to holders of Confido tokes twice per month

  • Confido tokens can be used to buy items with no transaction fees

  • There is a potential for a 10x growth in token value after alpha launch

  • They have a good team

  • They have a product satisfying a need

  • Well worth a 6 month investment in my opinion.

Do your own research before investing

This is not financial advice, just a humble opinion.
Never invest more than you can aford to lose.

Peace Out

Johnny Revolver

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Watch it, lost almost $500 on this coin. Check our analyses of this coin here:

Much apologies for promoting this one.
Through my research it looked like a good project to me but unfortunately it turned out to be a scam. In the unregulated crypto wild west sometimes what seems like a great opportunity can be used to veil an underhanded project by a deceitful few. The No. 1 rule is never invest more than you can afford to lose. The No. 2 rule is do your own research before investing.

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