Pull Request Submitted - Added links to "The Steemit Shop" and the "Steem Bluepaper" in the main menu

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There were two exciting announcements this week:

  • @thesteemitshop announced an official partnership with Steemit, Inc. to sell Steemit merchandise - such as shirts, coffee mugs, etc. You can read about The Steemit Shop in their announcement post, as well as visit their website https://thesteemitshop.com.
  • @steemitblog announced the release of a new 'Bluepaper' - a helpful guide to our protocol that is comprehensible to the widest range of people. You can read about it in the announcement post, or read the Bluepaper here.

I submitted a pull request tonight to add links to "The Steemit Shop" and the "Steem Bluepaper" in the main menu.

The link for "The Steemit Shop" will be added right above the "Steemit Chat" link:

The link for the "Steem Bluepaper" will be added right above the "Steem Whitepaper" link:

The pull request can be viewed here:

The PR is not accepted yet, but I plan to work with Steemit, Inc. to make any edits necessary to get it approved. Hopefully we will see the changes up on the live site soon!

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That is good news @timcliff. I follo