Do you know, CPU can be your entire computer?

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If you tell me, there is a special chip attached to your computer that has the power to control all the hardware on your computer and it can be accessed remotely and there is no way to discharge it. What is weird to hear? Although strange, the matter is completely true and horrible. Today's article will discuss topics that you have never heard before.

Today most of the computers are used as the life of Intel and AMD processors. If you are using an Intel processor computer, you must have heard the Intel Management Engine name or watched while installing the driver. If you are an AMD user then you will hear the name of the platform security processor . But you know what has been done for the past ten years, computers with Intel and AMD processors, these two types of chips have been installed - and these chips work as a backdoor for all computers . Although Intel and MD promise that these backdoors only use them for legal purposes, there are still some reasons for which it is permissible for you to worry.

So what is the main thing in Intel Management Engine? It can basically say a different and collaborative processor chip, which is physically sticky with the Intel chipset. Simply put, Intel Management Engine can tell you another computer in your original computer. But the worst thing is that we almost do not know what it used to be. It basically works on Intel-owned code and never releases Intel's source code. However, there are valid features in it that Intel uses to improve their service standards. Let's know from the list below what these hardware can do;

It can take control of your RAM directly and use RAM, and the main CPU does not support the use of RAM.
It can take control of all the devices connected to your computer; Mouse, keyboard, hard drive, external drive, webcam etc can operate everything
It also has the ability to send or receive any network traffic easily connected to your computer's network interface, and it can also be able to bypass the internet firewall comfortably.
Moreover, it has the ability to bypass the entire operating system of the computer, even if it does not have any operating system on the computer, it also has the power to operate the computer
Although this processor chip has so much power, it can remote control your computer on or off, that means it can do a lot while your computer is off.
Looking at the features of this chip, surely he is thinking, "Hey, Fazlulu? This chip has access to so many things, or for what purpose is this chip company? Again, I can not even deploy these features on them! "The main purpose of chiping this chip with your computer is to remotely update or repair your computer. You know very well how many customers have a Giant company like Intel, now Intel will surely not go home everybody to support this million customer support, is not it? So they have already set up such systems so that they can update and repair bulk systems all at once.

Now maybe say, "OK, good features and many users will benefit from this, but this is my personal computer and I do not need these things, so Intel now tell me how do I disguise it?" And here is the bad news for you, Management Engine can not disrupt the operation of the chip and will not be able to buy any Intel processor in the market, where the chip is not installed beforehand. Even if you think of using an AMD processor instead of Intel, it can not be skipped. Prior to this, Kenona has mentioned that the AMD processor also has this type of chip installed, named as Platform Security Processor or PSP. And like the Intel management engine it also has the power to manage everything on your computer and we have no idea that it works on any code.

"Well, brother, I got it! My computer has a secret backdoor and I can not even dispose it, but my cell phone is safe from this matter? Korna Cellphone does not have Intel or AMD processors installed! So at least safe from this direction, right? " Do you ever have a baseband processor?Have you heard about? Of course not, but every cellphone has this processor installed, it mainly converts the radio signals and digital signals from the phone's antenna. Of course, there is a need for this chip to work properly on your phone and of course yes, this chip has low level access to control all the data on your phone. Another thing to know, is that Intel's management engine and AMD's platforms are owned by the Codex of the baseband processor, such as security processors. This means that the manufacturer that made your phone, has installed this processor with its own code, which can not be accessed by anyone, but the processor itself has the power to access everything.

"I understand everything, what is the point of discussion for the bat? Intel and AMD will not hack our PC, is not it? Again the code has huge encapsulation, then what is the result of this discussion? "-He brothers, of course Intel or AMD will not monitor or hack your computer using this secret backdoor. But here only Intel or AMD is not the reason of fear. It is a matter of fear that if a hacker group crashes ** or if a government tries to access it then it can definitely be horrific. Yes, this chip has many hardcore encodings installed, but I have already said no encryption will give you 100% security. Cray ** is difficult or difficult to do, but it is not that it can not be done.

It may be that a hacker will find some vulnerabilities in this chip with very cleverness, and if it is possible, then he can take control of almost any computer in the world that runs in Intel or AMD processor. And since this chip works bypassing the main processor of the computer, it is almost impossible not to save your PC from a hack attack, but completely impossible. Since this chip can work directly connected to the PC's network interface and can receive traffic receipts and send, hackers can easily inject any malware onto your computer. If the operating system blocks the malware on the firewall, then this chip can easily bypass the block.

Even though this chip and code of this chip are difficult to crack, it is not impossible after this. We are in the likelihood of an unknown hack attack of 1%. Here's another thing to look at, see the code of this chip, but owned, if the open source code would have been read, everyone could read the code and if there was any error, then maybe a good IT expert could tell the special company, before the detection of the black hat hacker . But since no one knows its code and it is a closed code so before finding the person's error, the bad person will first try to find errors, and if he succeeds in success, he will surely not share the company.

#Last word
Whatever the probability of hacking, however, it can be estimated that such a hack attack can happen. If the processor gets hacked, what can we do? nothing! I can not do anything at all. It does not matter what operating system you are using or how strong password you are using. In fact, many strong passwords can not even provide you security. Suppose you have set up a 50-character password, but if someone asks you a password on your head, give it a try!

So it was today's article. This type of hack has been attracted to your opinion about Attack, so please start the discussion section below.

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