Art-PD Gallery A192: <Strange Trees>

in #computer-art5 years ago

Hello everyone!

Todays work of the @art-pd gallery is < Strange Trees >.

▶ A192. < Strange Trees >


In this work, we tried to draw a tree with a unique style. The trees grew in bend, and were expressed with a unique touch of color and brush. Each tree has represented with a sense of life.
I hope you will enjoy the works of our gallery!


We are exploring new topics for our work activities. Please give us your ideas for reference. We will express our gratitude with full-vote on the feedback reflected in our work. Thank you!

I will come to you with a good work next time~

Voting and follow-up @art-pd !!


Wow i seen this penting photo i think it was great photo of my hot feed like this post

thank you. It seems like the first time you have met. Come and visit frequently!

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