Art-PD Gallery A183: <Philadelphia Office>

in #computer-art5 years ago

Hello everyone!

Todays work of the @art-pd gallery is < Philadelphia Office >.

▶ A183. < Philadelphia Office >


Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States. There are many classic and artistic buildings. Government building is a representative example of that art. Feel the beauty that has lasted for hundreds of years as our work!

I hope you will enjoy the works of our gallery!


We are exploring new topics for our work activities. Please give us your ideas for reference. We will express our gratitude with full-vote on the feedback reflected in our work. Thank you!

I will come to you with a good work next time~

Voting and follow-up @art-pd !!


Being an architect ,I am an admirer of art.

It is really interesting to express architecture as art!

architecture is always "art+technology" .

Being an architect ,I am an admirer of art.

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