A Change is Blowing In....

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#Compumatrix, will provide an opportunity for single mothers (like myself), single dads, stay at home moms, and many others to be able to work from home. Doing something that you will love, and will also help others that are in need, and lost in a world where all most can do is work 6 to sometimes 7 days a week, just to be able to keep their heads above water.

What we have here will change the world, all because of the vision of one man that has put his heart and soul into producing and preparing something like nothing else out there. The leader of our Ship is #HenryJamesBanayat and I am proud to be in this with him, and all of the wonderful leaders we have in our Company.

Hold on to your hats a change is coming!! ......


Yes I agree, we have so much to look forward to in the very near future!

...in this particular case, the sky is the limit and if your karma is at a low because of doubt then we at Compumatrix can't help you...we will be too busy on a positive track with our business and our BTCCORE.

This is nice. love it. keep it up.

momof3 you are so right and henryjames is some kind of genius. He has actually taken this International Business and placed us on another level. For our family, friends and associates to share this wonderful opportunity. Keep sharing and smiling, I'll be following you and up voting you all the way.

Thank you momof3kcn,
I fully agree with your post, and I embrace the change that is coming!
It will be such a blessing for so many ...

Excellent post! As the old saying goes; The Winds of change are a blowin! Perhaps I need to interject that one? Thanks for the idea! Keep up the good work!!

Thank you Sam!

I agree I can't wait!! Come on Portal and Trigs!!!

Nice post, Glad to be here, this is my first reply after getting activated.. #Compumatrix rocks

YES! This is exactly why Compumatrix is so vital to the world right now! We all deserve to thrive.

Until I see some documentation, developers, and anything else about compumatrix. I'll just consider it a scam. So please downvote the compumatrix posts until someone explains what is happening.

justiciar, with your above comment, may I suggest you find some other pursuit. I wish you the best in what you see for your future but as for me and my family, we will be life-long members of Compumatrix. In many other programs I have been associated with, I can not think of one that feels like family as Compumatrix does. Best of luck and God Bless.

...good stuff, yep...to fully understand the immensity of Compumatrix you must investigate without bias, or a prejudgemental attitude...then the lights will come on...

Well, I have been paid through this program. And very soon, the program will speak for itself if you are a member. Have a Blessed Day!

Are you a member?

I don't downvote just because someone tells me to...that would get an upvote a LOT quicker!!!

No I am not a member I just not see any updates on this project ever. Only people typing here so sorry for the confusion :)

Nice ... I am going to be a life long member of Compumatrix ... Can not be in a better business ... going to ROCK the world ... Compumatrix here we come!