Writing Prompt Art Contest #13

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words and we would like for you to prove it. This competition requires submissions of art - traditional or digital - or photography, that you feel are begging for a tale to be told. The second phase of these contests entails authors using the winning piece as a writing prompt. This will run for seven days, after which a winner will be announced. There will be a 5 Steem prize.

  • This contest will run until 23:59 UTC July 26th.
  • Artwork/photograph does not have to be created specifically for this contest but MUST be your own work.
  • You may submit multiple entries.
  • To enter submit either a picture in the replies below or a link to your post containing your art or photograph.
  • Good Luck!

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This is my entry :)

Hi and Thanks.

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Thank you.

Ooh fun! Here's my entry:

Hi! this is my entry

My photo entries:



This is my entry. ;)

My entry. Good luck to everyone else!



That's quite interesting. Here is Entry#1 :

The Secret Entry..!

  • if you want to view in Full Screen, please Click on image!

Entry #2 :

Guardian of the Inner World: Jerry The Goat !

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Adding mine here! (with bonus clicky for larger)


What should be the theme of writing do you want to specifiy it or want to leave it on writer?


It entirely rests with what the writer sees in the art / photograph.