Art Prompt Writing Contest #14 - Results

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Our last art prompt writing contest ended just over a week ago. Entrants were tasked with writing a short piece of fiction using the following photograph - by @pyemoney - as a story prompt.

There were three prizes up for grabs: 20 Steem for the winner, 10 Steem for runner up, and 5 Steem for third place.

After taking a week to read all the entries, we are happy to announce that in first place is @jayna with "Gnarled Wood". Congratulations!

@elisonr13 takes the runner-up spot with "The Adventures of Jane, The Eagle and The Forest". Well done!

Finally, third place goes to @fromage with "The Tree". Great job!

Prizes will be sent as soon as this is posted.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this writing contest, and thanks to @curie for their prize fund support.


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Congratulations @jayna, @elisonr13, and @fromage for sharing with us your wonderful creative writing skills. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and for the generosity of the @thewritersblock and @curie. I am thrilled that my photo could provide some inspiration.

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Thanks so much, @pyemoney! Yes, congrats to @elisonr13 and @fromage! And thank you, @pyemoney, for the inspiration. 😀

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Thanks to you @pyemoney, your photo was very inspiring.

Thank you, @thewritersblock! I’m so thrilled. There were many good entries, so this is truly an honor. Thank you for running such great contests. I love the art prompt contest, as it is really fun to see what stories an image has to tell.

It's a nice honor, thank you very much. Congratulations also to @jayna and @fromage