The adventures of Jane, the eagle and the forest

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The adventures of Jane, the eagle and the forest

Where is dad?

When dad got angry with mom, the calm in our fields and forests seemed to disappear, our animals became restless and the stream seemed to get very muddy, they did not realize it, but when I was four years old I could see everything.

One morning in the middle of another discussion dad left home, the eagle that lives in the mountains flying around him sang something melancholy, I do not know if mom realized but I was very sad and scared, after all I did not know if I would return to see dad, I did not know how to make Mom's crying stop. Then, while she was crying ... she saw me, she smiled with some tears and she said: "My little one, you know how much I love you, right? Very much, I'll go to prepare dinner. "

That night, I asked my mother to let me sleep next to her, the pillow still had the smell of dad, and it was there when I made a prayer, I do not know who, I do not know how high I said it, but I asked that dad not I went back, I did not want to see mom crying again; I loved dad, but also mom.

What happened next was a bit strange, Mom was already asleep and I ... I'm not sure, what I'm sure is what I saw, Mom's room was filled with many fireflies, many frogs and butterflies of color, the light of the moon shone more than usual and in the window frame ... there was the eagle. The eagle never spoke to me, but I knew immediately that he wanted me to follow him, so I got off the bed and walked with my bare feet and with my white pajamas, I went out the window, it was the first time the eagle flew so close to me , he guided me towards the forest, and although he looked a bit spooky, I was not afraid.

Dad's goat looked at me, like his cows, his sheep, his pigs, his horses and his oxen, they all saw me, apparently they understood what I did not; With his eyes watching me I went away from home, from the stables and corrals, entering between bushes, brush and many branches deep in the forest, barely able to follow the song of the eagle.

It was not cold, it was not hot, but the earth was wet, I was so curious to know where I was going and at the same time I was so amazed by what my eyes were watching. There was a large solitary owl resting on a branch, a family of primates resting, there were noisy crickets everywhere, I heard the footsteps of a herd of bears walking near me, I saw so many animals, I heard so many noises, so many spooky and beautiful things They were in that forest ... I finally turned my eyes away from the eagle, and it was at that moment, that I began to feel alone, I wanted help, I wanted companionship and protection, at that moment, I just wanted someone with me ... I wanted dad.

I put my hands on my face and covered my eyes, I began to cry and to be very afraid, I felt that everyone was looking at me, who? All the animals of the forest, suddenly there was a sharp silence, and I felt a warm and grim tongue passing over my hands that covered my face, I looked through my fingers, and saw the one that has always been the favorite animal of dad, the wolf . The wolf did not transmit fear, on the contrary, his look and attitude towards me was friendly, I felt he wanted to protect me, I followed that great white wolf until we reached a tree with concave roots, in there it was expected by its puppies.

Next to the big tree was a path where a pack of hungry wolves was approaching, and although the wolf that lived in that tree defended us with claws and teeth I felt scared, like another helpless little puppy, could not help it, fear I took hold of my innocent existence and shouted loudly: "Dad, mom!" And it was then that from that hole I saw a flame burning in the distance between the trees of the forest and next to him I heard the voice that I longed to hear, the one of dad , telling me: "Jane, where are you Jane? Jane" I felt my eyelids heavy, my heart accelerated, I felt a lump in my throat and suddenly ... suddenly ... I was not breathing anymore.

When I opened my eyes, the sun had already risen, and I was no longer in the roots of that tree, I was in Mom's bed, I still felt my heart racing, I looked at my feet and they were clean, I looked at my pajamas and it was totally white, It is as if nothing had happened. When leaving the room I watch Mom making breakfast, when I see her I run and hug her saying: "Mom, here you are, then everything was a dream?" Mom smiled and said: "My little Jane, if you want you can ask him to your father, darling. " I left home and stood in front of the door, I heard the eagle singing, I was flying over the barn, the stream was serene, the forest, the mountains and the surroundings had that beautiful touch of calm and serenity, I felt happy, I knew that Dad was there, very close. I ran to the stable and there he was, preparing the straw for the horses, I blushed and shouted from the doors of the barn: "Dad ...", he turned, looked at me with his forehead full of sweat, took off his hat, smiled and He said: "Jane, my little adventuress, you finally woke up, come here." Then I went to Dad's arms and gave me a big hug, as if he had missed me so much; Then I asked him: "Dad, where did you go yesterday? I think I ... I think I was looking for you, the eagle was guiding you but I lost it on the way and then the big white wolf came and we got to the tree and, dad, dad, you believe me? It was just a dream? Father?"; Dad, looking me in the eye, says: "I do not know how you got to that tree, you went so far in such a dangerous place, anything could have happened to you. Yesterday I arrived home after having taken a lot in the village canteen, when I arrived at the room your mother woke up and realized you were not, so we ran to look for you, we looked for you for hours, we were afraid for you darling, God, I was not going to forgive myself if something happened to you or your mother, luckily, I heard your voice in the distance, and I went to the big tree near the road that leads to town, there you were, asleep, dirty and cold in the cold of the night, I tried to wake you up but you did not wake up, when I got home with your mother we called the doctor and he told us that you had a high fever, that we bathed you with cold water and let you rest as necessary, so, Jane, my little walker, do not ever scare us like that again, understand? I could not bear to lose one of the two. "

When Dad finished telling everything, I understood how much he loved Mom and me, he promised that he would not make Mom cry again and that day, it was dad who made the dinner. But, on the other hand, when I asked dad about the animals ... he told me that when he found me there were no wolves, no tracks, there were no signs that I had been accompanied that night, but it was so real ... it did not seem like fiction, but well, that happened three years ago. Today, I go to the school that is in the village, I am studying a lot because I want to help dad with his business when I grow up, and every time I see that big tree, I feel, deep down I feel ... that I can still relive that moment, in which being only a girl I went to look for next to the eagle and all the animals of the forest to my father, and for my joy, mom and I recovered it.

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Hello to all readers. This story could categorize it as a children's story, with some adventure and with lyrics that feed love in the family and also the children's imagination :) This post was made to participate in "Art Prompt Writing Contest #14" which is an event run by @thewritersblock

How many things can happen in the forest, right? The curiosity of an adventurous girl and the love towards her father, was the motor of this story.

It was a pleasure to receive your visit, thanks for that! may the adventures be with you :)

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You wrote quite the epic adventure, @elisonr13. I'm still finalizing mine for submission by the deadline, but I'm trying to also read all the other stories. It's interesting to see what different people imagined from the prompt.

Hello! sure that your story will be something incredible, with the time you are dedicating it can not be otherwise, thanks for your visit :)

You did a great job with your story. I like how the dreamed turned back to reality.

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Thank you very much for your nice comment @pyemoney, I'm glad you liked it.