Art Prompt Writing Contest #13 Results

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Huge apologies for taking longer than expected to judge and announce the winners of this latest art prompt writing contest. @gmuxx, @rhondak, and @jasonbu are gearing up to travel to the Steem Creators and SMT conference in Toronto in just under two weeks so, as you might imagine, things are a bit busy behind the scenes at @thewritersblock.

Anyway, onto the results. We had sixteen submissions, all using the following photograph, supplied by @nubellorona, as a prompt on which to base original pieces of fiction.

We expected many stories with a horror theme and we were not disappointed. So, onto the winners. In first place, winning 20 Steem, we chose 113 Archer Avenue by @kd-neeley. Her beautifully written piece tells the story of a realtor doing her best to sell a haunted house.

Second place, receiving 10 Steem, is Family Reunions from @samuraihedgehog. An ancestral home hides a secret in the cellar.

Finally, third place, receiving a prize of 5 Steem, goes to @cizzo's The Watchmaker. Punctuality is more than a virtue in this town. Ignore it at your peril.

Thanks to everybody who entered and made our time judging so difficult. Thanks also to @curie for donating to our prize fund.

Keep an eye out for our next writing prompt art contest, coming soon.


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Great Post 😆

Woo, I only read a couple of the submissions, but none of these three. Off to take a look! Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations, winners!

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