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This refers to my previous blog which had a “steemit competition”

The competition was based on a fictional story I wrote about the Steemit Blockchain being down by spam-bots.

In the story, the spam-bots threaten to wipe out steemian humanity by writing “Thanks for sharing..” or “Nice post bro...” on everything. Luckily, @dan and @ned, the founders of steemit, travel back in time, (like in the movie”Terminator”), to re-write the blockchain before it’s too late. The one whose name we dare not mention, (the outlaw, Bernie Voldemort), is also fighting to save steemit from the spam-bots. He is firing in all directions and innocent steemians lie bleeding on the green grass with red flags through their hearts.

One or two people missed the context of the questions (“Robots” or “bots”). They picked the wrong answer from a Google search. For example, when I asked “what is Skynet”, I expected answers about the movie “Terminatotor”. A few people told me it was a parcel shipping company.

One person confused “Skynet” with “Spynet”. The latter is the secretive agency which tracks your phone location, reads your emails, listens to your conversations, and copies your hard drive.

A few of the questions required the use of imagination. There was no wrong answer. I got some quite funny answers!

Here are the answers:

Below are examples of the correct answers that I received.

Who is Dan?

@tyrex: Dan Larimer is the Co founder of steemit Inc. And the brain behind

@mejustandrew. @Dan is the founder of BitShares, cofounder of Steem and also founder of EOS (CTO). He is mostly specialized on the technical side, also knows a lot about blockchain. His blog page contains lately only links to his Medium posts because of a fight he had with @Ned.

Who is Ned?

@gaintshoulder. Also a cofounder of steemit

@abh12345. Steemit boss

What is Bernies reputation - approximately?

@enajo. minus 5 gazillion

@lovelymkylie. -18

@jrvacation. Negative 16, but rising steadily.

Why do I call Bernie “He whose name shall not be mentioned”?

@adedoyinwealth. Because he is a force to be reckoned with on Steemit. You don't want to mess with him and get I bad bad side and end up on his flagging list

@yungchief. The greatest flag lord

@sistem. Hehehe, you mention and you get the flag of your life. Dude can flag ehhh. Let me come and be going before he sees me. Lolz

@sheriffakin. The guy flags all the cheats

@muftii. because bernies the fun guy. he is a sniper, if anyone moves directly in his shot, be it a robot or any other creature. but keep in mind that fire will not appear if there is no embers.

@mistakili Because if he picks on you for picking on him, then ghosts from your village will start to pick on you till you cant pick your steemit account anymore, then you have to change your username to swisslives

Who on steemit is Bernie’s no 1 enemy

@libert HAEJIN

@chidiarua Saying his name is suicidal(unless you're high on gin). So, he is, also, one whose name shall not be said.

@cranium. Artificial intelligence in the hands of greedy people.

@mayib @haejin I guess. Because of a comment I made in his favor, I received '7 beautiful downvotes' from "He whose name shall not be mentioned and his crew members."

@theonlyway. Name: Haejin. Militant of the Steemit movement. Hierarchy: Orca III. It is the main objective of Bernies. Haejin relies on laws that bother Bernies but are outside the law .

What is the origin of the broken English phrase “All your crypto are belong to us?”

@shredz7 From the phrase "All your base are belong to us" from the English translation of Zero Wing.

@abh12345 Toaplan's "Zero Wing" shoot-'em-up arcade game for the Sega Genesis

@mejustandrew. All your base are belong to us" is a popular Internet meme based on a broken English ("Engrish") phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing.

Why 14 days?

@theonlyway. Dan and Ned hidden in a caves in Switzerland, to steal the DeLorean from CERN facilities. In order to go back in time 14 days and modify the course of the story.

@sistem. Because recently steemit data was taken aback 14days and that caused a little panic. I actually though I had list all my earnings.

@enajo. This is so that the entire blockchain can be re-written so that the human race won't be spam to death.

@chidiarua Because the blockchain was recently faced with fronted problems, taking posts 14 days behind.

Who is Assimov?

@shredz7. American writer and professor, famous for writing science fiction books and creating "three laws of robotics, where he states three laws that robots must follow.

@mistakili American writer, inspired laws of robotics and i-robot

What is Skynet?

@gaintshoulder Skynet are those bots from Terminator that want to clear off humanity

@abh12345. Labs producing robot gear ala Terminator

Why do the spam-bots write “Thanks for sharing” and “Nice post bro”?

@jrvacation. Cos it's short, straight to the point, easy to Ctrl C + V, and relevant to most posts.

@adedoyinwealth Obviously to get freebies in upvotes or downvoted as well

@libert Because they are retarded?

@cranium Because they are "smart" think that they will earn so many millions, for we will "blunt" rejoice and give them a 100% upvote.

@altafwani "thanks for sharing"when they dont understand and" nice post" when they know author upvotes quickly. haha they are legends of steemit

Why do innocent steemians have red flags stuck through their hearts?

@fyrstikken there exist no innocent steemians.

@thecrytotrader Because they don't have an Armor of big steempower.

@longming They just joined in steemit. So not too much to know about steemit. They commented not in accordance with the post title. So is considered spam

If World peace is declared, why would it be in Geneva?

@fyrstikken Because there live almost no people there.

@theonlyway The survivors set their sights on the global, diplomatic and financial center where Dan and Ned departed from CERN Geneva Switzerland .

@longming. Since the Swiss state of Switzerland is a Peaceful and neutral country

Who is Tim Berners Lee?

@longming. He is an English Engineer and Computer Scientist who invented the world wide web

@sistem. He is the creator of www...World wide web

@muftii Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, KBE (born in London, England, June 8, 1955, age 62) is the inventor of the World Wide Web. In 1980, while still a free contractor at CERN, Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext-based project to facilitate the sharing and updating of information among researchers. Berners-Lee's first website (and therefore also the first website) is located at (archived) and put online for the first time on August 6, 1991. One of his greatest contributions in advancing the World Wide Web is by not patenting it so it can still be used freely.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? -

Bonus question for an extra double vote If you know Satoshi’s real name, please don’t write it. But give me an initial of his surname. We must respect his right to remain secret.

@oredebby Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or people who designed bitcoin and created its original reference implementation.

@swissclive. This is one question where nobody got the right answer. How could you? His identity is secret. It is not documented anywhere.

Satoshi left some deliberate encrypted clues as to his true identity. He intends for his name to be found one day. He just does not want it found too soon. I can’t solve it. He was a cryptographer. I am not.

However there are clues we can all try to solve. For example, he made a very minor, but impossible to correct, mistake when writing in the forum It’s the sort of slip-up anyone could make. Plenty of steemians make similar mistakes. This mistake almost takes me to his front door (well actually I would need the resources of police databases to get there). If you want to find the mistake, and maybe others, then do a search for posts by Satoshi Nakamoto. Here-is the link.;u=3;sa=showPosts

If somebody would have given me the first letter of a very large computer company, I would have gone offline to Discord, to see if you and I can solve it.

What does John Lennon and Imagine represent?

I think it's just the idea of us using our imagination to answer your questions. Lolz.

A musician who sang a song titled 'Imagine the type of question you're asking me right now."

freedom from judgement

encourage the listener to imagine a world at peace without the barriers of borders

John Lennon and Imagine represent a form of peace and a manifest of global consensus about the good of this world and the well being of humanity Living life in peace. I wish from the bottom of my heart that someday the humanity will be able to reach the level of development to surpass greed and behave close to how John Lennon describes it in Imagine. It is sad that we are able to launch rockets through space, but we are not able to make peace with each other and with ourselves.

the world at peace i love his songs

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the ONLY one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

Encourage the listener to imagine a world at peace without the barriers of borders. Peace, Peace, Peace.

I think that everyone who participated recieved an upvote from me. Mostly small votes, sometimes more. (If I missed anyone, let me know.) Although nobody got more than 14 of the 16 questions right, I gave out a couple of 100% votes.


Who is Dan?, Who is Ned? ... thanks

So sad i missed this, looks like a load of fun. Nice to see posts from you as youve been very sporadic recently. Hope life is treating you well and I look forward to further fun and games in which I may participate. Keep flying that flag :-)

Missed the game but reading the response to some comments I got cracked up real good. Especially the comment about bernie as a force to reckon with..

Firstly thanks for your answer.. I also participated this competition..but I could answer 5 questions.. But after reading your article now i know all answer and happy too.. I think, Every steemians should necessary to know these.. @swissclive

I did not get a "card" to take part in these issues. Although I always have something to say. I was interested to see what answers other participants gave. I think that answers to these questions should be known by any member of the steemit.

Haha looks like a load of fun thanks for the entertaining yet also educational post @swissclive some of these replies had me laughing appreciated you shared them with us, keep having fun right here on Steemit.

Most of our lives can not be separated from the imagination. Imagination is a very important figure in our lives we may not even avoid. Without the imagination of our lives does not mean anything. When we read, of course we imagine the actual events and meanings of the sources we read. When we watch a movie, we imagine the story as if the story in the movie seemed to be really happening. When we listen to music, we will be carried away by the music that kicks in our ears. When we are pinched, we will feel how sick it is in the pinch. When we are hungry through the front of the rice stall, as if we will feel how delicious the rice. That is the imagination that people who have participated with the answer to the question from you @swissclive, although sometimes their answers make us have to frown and spread our mouths to smile.

Not all questions are answered correctly, but sometimes questions are answered with logic.

Indeed, these were the answers that were mostly unanswered. I am impressed by the answers at the question about Satoshi Nakamoto on the other side, I thought that everyone agrees that his identity is secret and I am very confident that it should remain this way. I remember that there were some fake news released about the death of Vitalik Buterin, and in that day the price of Ethereum dropped. I don't even want to imagine the impact that words of Satoshi could have over the market these days if he becomes popular. I think it is healthier for the market (and less dangerous for him) to remain anonymous.

Anyway, overall there was a lot of fun to take part to the competition you organized and a lot of people got upvotes so I believe that you made the days of a lot of people happier :D

i missed this. maybe ill participate if there is another one

unfortunately I missed it but now I saw how the answers were given by the participants. Most of all I liked the answer to the question about Satoshi Nakamoto. First of all, I previously studied the opinions of people and various experts about this person. Many argued that it simply does not exist, and bitcoin was created by the secret services or secret government. I think that people tend to come up with various explanations. In fact, I agree with the view that this man created what changed the whole world. It is really better for him to remain in the "shadow". Yes, there are clues and it looks like a puzzle to be solved.
Here I am inclined to agree with your opinion.

The contest was interesting. the most important thing is that you made people turn thinking and answer questions constructively.

@swissclive am excited I was part of the competition. The story was interesting and the writing pattern was simple. But the true meaning of it all was mostly beyond what you read.

The contest was fun, im glad i participated, im looking forward to the next

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the ONLY one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one

Im with you on this one, one day....

I think that everyone who participated recieved an upvote from me

Thanks for everything

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Oooooo I missed this one. Perhaps DPNT event know the answers to all, just few.

hi @swissclive .., how are you doing .., are you healthy .., hopefully you are always in the protection of the Almighty.
I always see your post, but no recent posts from you.
greetings from me.
thank you

I’m just fine, but trying to keep my posts to only truly top of the line best ever.

oh ...., thank goodness that you are a healthy friend. good luck always on your side.
thanks. eemm I have created a comment signature for you, hope you like it.
Greetings from me

Competition need in life for of luck on steemit.

i missed this content..
its so fun of competition
i agreed

hahaha ..., hair may be black, but answers vary. although different but still one. answers from friends are very unique-unique with its own language style. truly extraordinary.
especially high appreciation we give to @swissclive who has held this extraordinary competition.

award for this competition I give a gift to @swissclive a signature.
signature_3 (1).gif

Particularly I had a lot of fun and I am motivated to elaborate for the first time a kind of caricature of the story so that your followers laugh a little. thank you hahahahaha.

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Thanks for breaking it all down @swissclive. Though I missed the competition but I now got the information which is more important.

Learning more on your blog always.

I'm late for the test, although I think I was going to fail, I have to study now.

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