The State of the Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #3! [>$100 Upvotes in Prizes]

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Today we’re hosting the 3rd monthly thumbnail competition for State of the Sndbox! Wowza, already the third month… Each Wednesday Sndbox does a newsletter - State of the Sndbox - to update the Steemit community on our progress and ongoing work. This monthly competition gives Steemians an opportunity to showcase their creativity as the face of the newsletter.

Our exciting first round and second round had amazing submissions and we want to keep this competition going as a monthly tradition for Sndbox.

  • Previous winner of October's Newsletter @fuzztone

Every Steemian is invited to submit a thumbnail / landing image using a few parameters (outlined below). The top submissions will receive big Sndbox upvotes and the winner’s image will be featured for each week of November’s State of the Sndbox posts!

Competition Rules

To be eligible for prizes, you must follow these simple instructions-

  • Design a landing image that is 1000 pixels x 600 pixels, uses the @sndbox color palette and has the title “State of the Sndbox” clearly legible.

  • Publish a personal post using the image, describing a bit of the inspiration, have “State of the Sndbox Competition Entry” as part of the post title, and use #sndbox in the tags so that we can upvote you!

  • Upload the image with a link to your post in the comments below.

  • Deadline is Tuesday, October 31, 2017 10pm EST. Earlier submissions are recommended to receive more exposure! We will reveal the winner in the following State of the Sndbox post.

Voting Prizes

With the cumulative weight of our curation trail and delegation power, we’re now able to support many more entries with upvotes and provide increased visibility rather than limited SBD amounts. Standings will be determined by the Sndbox community and prizes will be as follows -

  • First Place = 100% Upvote, Approximately $40 - The winner’s image will be used on the following month’s State of the Sndbox posts. We will credit your name wherever we use your work!

  • Second Place = 60% Upvote, Approximately $25

  • Third, Fourth and Fifth Place = 25% Upvote each, Approximately $10 each

ALL completed entries will receive a 5% upvote (approximately $2) and will be featured in a dedicated post with linked accounts. Everyone is invited to submit! Have fun, and best of luck!

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Maaaan, thats grunge :D I like it. Its not legible at all in small size, but I like the feeling.


Thank You!


the reason why i love this is because i can't do better XD


Ha ha ha ok, thank you :-D


I like it a lot it is true that it might be difficult to read in small sizes but it looks great, like the washed out looks.

@reveur ven


Thank you! I really appreciate your comment and support.


Hola @erdavid recibe nuestro humilde voto.

pues @nnnarvaez consideró que tienes el don de ofrecernos esa rara gema y te otorgo nuestro:

Sello de Genialidad

¡Te damos la bienvenida a la familia!

Contamos contigo para hacer crecer esta red que es una gran aventura.

Llámalo cuando quieras, avísanos si alguien lo utilizó donde exista plagio. Si tienes preguntas buscanos en discord Reveur-Venezuela


Wow!, Gracias por el apoyo.

Here is my entry:

Hopefully you like it!


I'm voting for the @shortcut entry!



:-) @roused

Here's my entry, also featured in this post.

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Thanks for the warning and message @zoee! To all, please do not click on "twinkledrop" comments within this comment feed.

Thank you!

Round 3? I can't wait to see the entries and results this weekend.

This is a welcome development!

I am always happy to join the competition held by @sndbox and I will tell my followers with this postal resteem

This is an amazing competition, I am also looking forth to take part in it ;)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Ye yo guys :)
Next month, next thumbnail!

Here's mine


Here is the other one. “Click click” for the story.

My entry:

Static versions-

And there's a big story behind this... My post


Nice post

Round 3? I can't wait to see the entries and results this weekend.

That would be an interesting thing to see!

Check our post dedicated to @sndbox contest. : ) Here’s our entry:

1st Version :

2nd Version :

I have made a design for this contest, I share in posts by me. Alan feels so glad if you want to see and want to assess the design me.


Did you notice it spins to left or right?

Looking forward to seeing entries!

My entry into the contest. View my post here


Nice . will be in. Cherrrb

Nice post