Launch of our DTube Channel!

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An Official Start

We at Sndbox were encouraged early on to explore the growing ecosystem of @dtube and produce more video content alongside out posts. We’ve experimented with the platform from our full Steem Park documentary to fun activities like our This is a Bitcoin parody. Overall, our experience with @dtube especially of late has been stellar and we’re all prepped to dive head first in making more consistent videos.

This new program will also go hand-in-hand with our upcoming release of more public Youtube videos on our channel (which we would love you to subscription to!). We’ll be taking a two-pronged approach - bringing in a general public into Steemit with more understand-able / engage-able videos while producing comprehensive video resources for Steemians. We believe succinct and well-designed videos will be an effective strategy in educating and peaking the interest of global audience.

Let us know what you think in the comments! What are some topics / concepts / ideas of videos you would like to see from us?

Intro and background music by Joakim Karud

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Welcome to the best new video platform on the planet. 100% censorship free! I look forward to viewing your content.

What a cool way to get started! Also it was nice to see you again :-)
Looking forward to your video recordings. The idea to provide some tutorials is great, we can't have enough of them looking at the user statistics. This place is growing fast, and we need to inform new users about how everything works. Knowing that a professional team like yours is going to take care of it, really puts a huge smile on my face :-)

Happy weekend my favourite New Yorkers!

Huzzah! Thank you @surfermarly!!

Thanks for the kind words of support and enthusiasm :D And yes, absolutely. We're working hard on a bunch of illustrated videos that are conversational, short and easy to digest. Much more to come soon. Happy weekend to our favorite blockchain surfer :D

By watching the livestreams and the videos, Im getting so used to see Mike on the right and Kirk on the left that, at one point, just to mess up with our heads, you should trade places :P
Let´s rock DTube now with @sndbox!

Haha, hilarious. We'll try to spice it up ;)

Another excellent article

This is all kinds of cool, people!

I am absolutely loving the whole sndbox concept. This is one of the most amazing projects right now on the platform (i am writer, so go figure...)

I would love, if you find the chance, to talk about some of this opopportunity areas:

  • Different creative areas and monetization opportunities
  • How to find an artist coach
  • Art for businesses and art as a business
  • The most common risks for an artist and how to avoid them
  • Crypto and the future of art


These are fantastic topics @flashfiction! Thank you so much for these ideas! We'll be digging into 1 or 2 of those next week ;)

Being artists ourselves, most of what we'll discuss is about creativity and the future of craft alongside cryptocurrency.

That is the way. ART + CRYPTO. I firmly believe it will take everything to the next level.

And i so want to be there to see it. :)

It seems like only this website has Dtube. What do you guys think about Dtube? Do you think it will compete with Youtube or maybe long term take over youtube?

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Steemit, DTube, Steepshot, DLive, DSound, Zappl and Utopian (among many others) are all game-changers. You can monetize content and cut out third parties, ads, and centralized censorship! The potential here is compounded by the fact that youtube, twitter etc. are policing content and gleaning profits from the content creators that help to build their platforms. The tides are turning, and once it heats up... they'll turn fast.

hmm. So you're saying you recommend to start a channel? Well long turn returns of course.

youtube is dead

Don't you mean DED?

good start. all the best and keep inspiring

I love what are you doing guys ❤️👍🏼❤️

Thanks so much for your support @josteem :D

Congrats with the start!

nice one keep it up

Im amazed on how Dtube is growing and bringing value to steem!

Yey... Looking forward for your future Dtube videos. .

Good idea!

Excited to see more of your Video and thanks for sharing! :D

Am I the only one that noticed "Creatvity empowered" (typo) in the intro? heh :D

Haha, yeah we noticed right after publishing... unfortunately it's locked in to the blockchain. Oyy vey!

I think you should just leave it for future videos. Make it a thing!

Look how many shirts covfefe has sold. Maybe Creatvity could be the new covfefe...

k, that's a stretch

Best of luck on your adventure!

Hello welcome, I don't know whether this is in your arrangement however I will love to see a video of how to transfer effectively on Dtube to begin with. I had a go at delivering a video today, my first however it appears am missing something in light of the fact that the video didn't turned out as I anticipated. In any case it is decent having you. Reclaimed and took after at this point

Hey welcome, I don't know if this is in your plan but I will love to see a video of how to upload successfully on Dtube to start with. I tried producing a video today, my very first but it seems am missing something because the video didn't came out as I expected. Anyways it is nice having you. Redeemed and followed now

Hi there, sure! We can do a series of tips for blogging and vlogging within the Steem universe. For uploading DTube, be patient, it'll load eventually :)

Hi Guys, I think it's a great idea to have a team such as your giving us updates, news and info on how to use steemit. So many people sign up, look around and then leave because they just don't know how to get started so this would be a fun and informative way to help. Thanks

Hei Guys!

upvoted and follwed you!

very cool thing u guys doin :)

Can u talk more about steepshot and dtube?? :D

greetings :)

Excellent! Yes we'll be talking about the whole family of Steem apps :)

Very cool! when is the next post coming??

Stay tuned for next week ;)

ok mate :) maybe u wanna check out my new post :D

It's great to have a channel to go and grow with on #Steemit. I hope it will help demystify the myths around cryptocurrency. Quick question, can you please explain the difference and relationship between all particulars on the Steemit wallet(Steem, Steem Power, Steem Dollars, Savings and Estimated Account Value)? What does a high or low number mean for #Steemians? An #explainer video will be awesome. Thanks guys!

We'll be making an animated explainer video of just that!

In the mean time, here's a post that should help you get started :)

So cool to hear! Yeah dTube is becoming such a huge success story and seeing all these old school YouTube creators coming over is such a plus. Looking forward to seeing what you guys are putting out there in the future :)

Thanks @jongolson! We'll have some fun with it, stay tuned for more :D

Wish you a very good luck @sndbox

Yea....!! Nice work.
Congratulations !!
Can't wait to be there !!!

Sounds Good definitely willing to see how well this goes :)

Thank you!

Great Idea for DTUBE.
i do not feel we should be comparing with youtube.
Every website has is own niche

I looked at a few videos. and very successful shots. artistic videos. he is really bored watching himself. fluent. I really like. congratulations

I love the iteration to more video focused approach.

So far, the work you guys @sndbox have done is great— using the power of design to educate and bring awarness to the paradigm shifting/huge opportunity the steem blockchain and its growing ecosystem provides.

The move towards quality video content will only help accelerate the spread of that message, and the potential network effect the steem blockchain stands to gain from that.


This has inspired me to look for, or start a creative incubator/community out here in LA and try to follow suit. I especially like fact that you’re also thinking of creative way to engange with the local community and helping build connections that way. Keep up the great work!

I love uploading videos on dTube, because its payments are transparent and there's no need to wait a long time to see the results, I'm optimistic dTube will become a famous video media someday.

Nice one !
Good luck!

@sndbox, great tutorial, i found it to be useful, keep the light shinning

You've got my follow, im intrested in whats to come!
Maybe you could make some content on how to grow steemit as a whole and what kind of development it needs to succeed.

What a great idea. Looking forward to subscribing!

Hehe awesome!

This is great and I look forward to your videos @sndbox I already resteemed one of your posts about Powering Up as a Steemian. I am personally blown away by this platform and am trying to learn as much as I can from the smartest people here while building Blockchain strong relationships. Would love to collaborate with you guys check out my first Dtube video I am gradually bringing over my team and network

wow just going o chack it and subscribe it as dtube is the future

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Nice one. Am new on dtube and seeing your videos is quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing and keep it up

Super cool to see you guys take the next step making a Dtube video. I am looking forward to your tutorials :)

Amazing post. Though I'm just a new steemian. Wouldn't mind if your next post talks about enlightenment to the newbies of the system so as to make the system captivating for us. #Anticipating

Right now, I think this is the fourth time I've seen this exact comment elsewhere. Could you enlighten us about yourself?

favorite stupidcomments

Hope that you enjoy this platform, it will kill YouTube (Yougetcensored!).

Well done @sndbox, this is a mind blowing post, so informative and inspiring

good post

katakat ata kei sigo-sigo bos hai.

Get it going.

Awesome! I love the work you guys do and seeing it in video format all the more better! Look forward to it

That's very cool... First of all congratulations for your dtube channel launch.. And best of luck.. Looking forward for some more videos from you..

Wow wow wow this is great guys, I have subscribed to your channel it sounds like you are going to provide a wealth of information. Great news.

It's a welcome development since more people will be reach and more informed. Good idea may your fountain of knowledge never dry.

I believe it's an awesome plan to have a group, for example, your giving us updates, news and data on the most proficient method to utilize steemit. Such a large number of individuals join, glance around and after that leave since they simply don't know how to begin so this would be a fun and educational approach to help

Good post, i like it

I wish you success


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its a small request as we are new on steemit need your contribution so we can live on steemit
thanks in advance

I voted for your post please do same for me too a minnow

Wow, looks great~!! I can't wait~!!

Wooo... nice video.. not forget follow me and video me

I can't wait to see what you come up with.


excelente iniciare mi proceso

What a breakthrough from sndbox for video. Me and my team in the community are also working to make a video documentary for Steemit. we are on the same path. can't wait to see the next video from sndbox

Steem on

THUMBS UP guys.this is really a great news i believe after the videos so many newbies will not go through what we went though to know about steemit.keep the good work going..


Hahaha.. When you want, you are fun guys! :) - Hope this DTube experience will make @sndbox Grow much and much more. And also you @voroni and @hansikhouse! I know you will rock with personal videos too, we wait for them! Cheers for that!

Thanks Leo! Glad to have your support and we'll be asking you for DTube expertise along the way :D

Good luck on your endeavors on dtube, i'm sure they will treat you well! :D

It a huge plus to the currency system, you guys are currency revolutionary, making it user friendly makes it more flexible and unique

It's amazing hw u guys come up with these innovative ideas. It's really inspiring. Pls keep the good work. Big fan.

Keep on spreading the awesome!

I think your channel has a great future

We're looking forward to a lot of Steem-powered conversations and illustrated tutorials!

Nice Vid! :D

Amazing your channel! All the best for you! 😁

hey guys just started following you. Read some informative posts on your blog ... glad you guys ventured into D-tube as well ... looking forward to more videos :)

DTube is such a great resource for visual creatives like us! We're looking forward to exploring more of it :)

You guys rock. Keep putting out good shit and lets start cutting youtubes throat.

I like your post

you are the best of the best bro 😉
followed,upvoted ☺

very beneficial..imagination has been shared for others .. hopefully keep on improving


I can't wait to see what the future will bring for us now that you started brand new Dtube experience @sndbox !

Great video thank you

Hey guys! Fantastic. You guys just don't quit. Together I think you two are hardest working people on steemit! Congratulations and best of luck with the new project! Better yet, I got both of your guys handle names here on the platform! Which means you've each got a new follower! :) Thanks again for doing all that you do. I'll be in-touch like usual! -Dan The sndbox's "World Travel Pro!" :)

Lev what you guys are doing! Such a great way to bring the community together.

Could you guys talk about getting the voting power slider bar for people with less SP than 500?

Yes! We'll cover a lot of explainer videos and infographics for how the Steemit interface works, especially when it comes to voting :)

Come on guys. You are really strong and it is a real pleasure to follow you in your new adventure.
Never give up.

Wao that's very good and easily people connect with you good work

We're looking forward to building the conversation and drawing in new audiences :)

Yay for your new channel!!!

We would like to know how to get more votes in Steemit and have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency world.

I'm sure dtube will take over the internet and i wanna be a part of it. Looking forward to your future content!

What a good initiative, you have won another follower, me. It would be interesting that at some moment you make a cryptocurrency video for beginners. Regards

This is great news and I hope you succeed with you dtube channel :) you have earned a follow and a Upvote :)

Many thanks @oblivifrek. We'll be sharing many more videos in the coming weeks and exploring a lot of exciting topics :)

YT is Dead Hail DTube, goodluck guyz #subscribe #upvote :)

i expect a lot
have a nice day

I am hoping for a video competition, something arty that I can get my teeth into.

Love your personalities - would be so rad if you could check out my very first workout vlog :) thanks xx

Is it just me or every LAUNCH ON DTUBE video is very upvoted ?

My is ikramullah , i from Indonesia

Vote me and follow

One of the few channels I have subscribed! Very useful for us newbies.. Keep up the good work!


We want to get into the incubator :(

i have a question how ur post get noticed even though people sometimes write good content their post didn't get seen by people...and it was like i t lost and people feel discouraged in the community and looses his/her hope.....

Welcome to DTube :)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Acabo de ver la publicación y me parece una propuesta muy interesante, cuentes con mi apoyo, la voy a reesteemear.

Cool :D <3

Hello Every One ?anybody help me ?? how to transfer steem dollar in local bank account ?

Seriously guys,i fucking like this whole concept of dtube.


This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

I am using chrome, i do get this problem with some other websites as well, but works fine in firefox but in firefox i cant watch stream just see comments and interface.