A pleasure to have you as a contestant @andrina the work you do with children is wonderful, a tree is life, so every time you plant one as if a new life is born, welcome to the contest !, I do not know but it would be great to see @leeuw cook , What do you think @andrina?

Well yes friend @jennimorillo I love my job and I think that is why I stay in my country .. my efforts were many to leave my profession, I love children, nature in all its splendor .. would be great to see our friend cooking @leeuw is joke dude ..

haha @leeuw can't cook, won't cook, except tosti pizza w jalapeño

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your efforts are worth it for those children

I still stay in Venezuela, I know that soon everything will be as before or much better,

@leeuw does not cook, cooks his wife hahahahahahaha

your country its a great place with fantastic natural features! @jennimorillo asking for yellow card? EDIT: just kidding !

No, please card no

Yes, Venezuela has a lot of beautiful nature

I hope I can continue with the friendly streak @leeuw without belittling others, in the end we are all winners, winners of fun, knowledge and so we are acquiring new learnings .. at least I have managed to draw, now I will cook .. Wooohh!