Bellyrub Scam: How to Make a Claim or Donate to Victims

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Making Claims

To request compensation from the fund, please submit a claim in the comments below detailing how much you invested in bellyrubbank. We'll do our best to process repayments in a timely manner. Below are the claims we've received so far and the amounts that remain outstanding:

Total payments made to date:

Making Donations

To donate to the fund, transfer any amount of STEEM or SBD to @compensationfund. If you'd like your donation to go to a specific fraud victim, please specify that in your Transfer Memo. A great, big thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

fund managed by:


Another thought just came to my mind - I'm not sure if I should share it, but I will. If you will go through my comments and posts, you will see that I'm a 100% introvert (I mentioned that many times). Steemit is the first social community where I am active. I mean my actions are not limited to only read the posts, but I try to post by my own and comment if I've got something interesting to say. Believe me it is a huge thing for me. My earnings are small, but it is a huge reward for me for breaking the ice (not sure if I can use this kind of phrase in English). Imagine that - one day I read about bank which offers a nice deal, has support of the wales and it was run by the witness (or witness candidate?). My thought was like "why not? Come on, if this is the scam, why so many "big guys" support this?". And I put 150 SBD into bellyrubbank, which is basicaly (at this moment) something like a half of what I earnded on Steemit. You now the rest - zeartul turned out to be a scammer and my faith in people went to zero again. And then @neoxian shared his post about compensation and others joined him. This brought all the faith back - faith about community and people kindness and goodwill. Maybe money is an important thing, but this kind of behavior is far above that.

Incredible, shame on him, and thanks to you. :)

Thanks for doing this, this is what community is all about
I hope zeartul gets punished for this

He won't unless someone involved (victim) from the USA will go to the police. And... there is no one willing to do so ;/

Thank you for encluding me... God bless everyone who participate.

Why would they get compensated for? That seems to me like its a bailout like our government likes to do in the USA. be responsible with your own investments I say. you make a bad choice no one else should have to pay for it.

Why are people so quick to compare things that happen on steemit to things that governments do? They are nothing alike allow me to explain.

Bank bailout = Theft
Compulsory participation paid for with taxes to socialize the risk taken by banks.

Bellyrubbank bailout = Anarchism
Voluntary participation where individuals help out other individuals because they felt it was the right thing to do without anyone making them do it.

This is exactly what I meant, but my English is too weak to express that. Thank you @randystiefer - you completely got spoke what I was thinking about.

I know it's controversial but it was only @neoxian initiative, nothing more. No one from the list of victims asks for this generous act of goodwill. Anyone can do whatever they want with their tokens, so if it's their choice to make compensations, no one should criticize it. From my site, I thank all the donators from the bottom of my heart.

A bailout is only wrong when an organization like the federal government uses funds belonging to other people to bail out victims. That's involuntary redistribution of wealth. A free market will never prevent voluntary bailouts.

I really like the program that is Manage By @neoxian Dan friend. I like it very much

Perhaps my future will invest a little bit for sake

Tq in advance for the compensation scheme. You guys are bunch of nice people.

I have sent you 6 SBD from my own fund.

I also want to note that this is a good chance for those who only got 30% back to get a little more back. Though we may prioritize brand new claimants who have received nothing yet.

There is a small mistake in the first table - I got 56 SBD in total so far, not 50 as table says. Anyway, thanks once again to @neoxian for bringing this topic up.

Sorry about that! I'll make the fix.

Tnx guys, I deposited $25.00 Nov. 5th but since have no idea how to post a screenshot here here is the link to the steemdb page let me know if need more.

I have sent you 7.5 steem from my own fund.

Tnx again man great stuff you're doing here.

Umm wow! Not sure if I should post here or on neoxians post now. Anyways I do not want to be over payed at all. But I figured I would comment on this post as well.
I had a total of 95 Steem invested. Here are the screen shots
Btw I resteemed
I just wanted to say that even If I don't get anything, what you guys are doing is truly kind and pure. I'm not sure if karma exists, but you guys would have the karma of a saint right now! Thanks for trying to help those that got burned.

It's ok to post on both. Noting that 28.5 steem has been received from my own fund.

I would leave the rewards on for the compensation posts. As like this some can help by votes not only donations.

Many people would complain about us drawing upon the rewards pool for this activity.

This is nonsense. If we would take in account all the complains of everybody, the world would be not moving. Thank you for your effort and the things you do!

right alexvan, i say leave it open.

This is from the bellyrubbank wallet:

I have sent you 30 SBD from my own fund.

I deposited 50 SBD in the bellyrubbank. Is there more information on what is required?

You have received 15 SBD from me, and might get a bit more from this compensation fund.

Thank you very much!

Do a screenshoot of the transaction, at least the effort you can do.

I invested 20 SBD into bellyrub bank 2 months ago and didn't receive anything. If you plan to help me in anyway only do partial and then give the rest to someone else if possible. Thanks

I have sent you 6 SBD from my own fund.

Thank you guys! This is a beautiful community!

You have received 2100 steem from my own fund. Hopefully we can give you a little bit more from the compensationfund as well.

Hay I had transferred 1sbd and .5 SBD to bellyrub but still not get anything I don't know what should I do

I just sent you 1.5 SBD from my own fund.

Thank you sir , thanks a lot for your help.

Thank you for making things right and doing this you don't have to do this but I invested $50 of SBD into Bellyrub's "bank" of which is a screenshot below:

Also I had numerous sent votes for $1 SBD that I never recieved anything from but I guess that should have been the hint it was all a scam.

Hi, I deposited 40$ 10/12/2017, thanks for having this community around, I just feel so frustrated that people do this but sadden more for people who lost their money.
thankyou for your service!