Walking among empty streets

San Cristóbal, a small city of Venezuela, does not escape from the reality that all Venezuelans are going through, every corner is full of silence, the only thing they see are people in queues to buy gas, stock their vehicles with gasoline, and get some food; passers-by walk the streets because public transport is something that is not seen very often, very few people see themselves in the city, in the streets, very few young people; As thousands of people cross the border daily, fleeing from the crisis in search of an improvement in their lives, in search of better opportunities and in search of jobs that allow them to help the families that stay in this country.


The businesses that still remain in the city open their doors late and close early, it seems that the economy is stagnating, there are no people who buy, who work, there are very few left and it shows in the echo of the avenues where only the engines resonate of some vehicles, the streets are dirty, abandoned, full of garbage piles as public services have collapsed for months and no longer work.


If it looks like a city from a zombie movie, only that the zombies are the citizens that were left, beaten by socialism, by the idea of Chavez, and the succession of Nicolas Maduro, which only led Venezuela to bankruptcy, to rot , forgotten. The streets are alone, we Venezuelans seem to be too, the rejection of the system is obvious but some energy force does not let us fight, there is apathy, reluctance, days go by hoping that something significant happens, but it is not like that; nothing happens.

Empty streets and empty shelves


This country became a sea of agony, nothing you want to do can be done normally, the thin bodies of many people are moving in search of something economic to eat, when even the vegetables have a price with meaning, the economy It became a funnel that swallows and swallows the currency, leaving it increasingly devalued, leaving us increasingly poorer and with more inflation. Venezuela did not deserve this, maybe we Venezuelans deserved a lesson to learn to value more everything we had, but I already decided it is a word that falls short. A country that had the largest oil reserves in the world, a country that filled its mouth with riches, a country of opportunities for thousands of emigrants, today is a pile of garbage and desolation.


The bottom of the crisis has already been touched for some time, but it seems that we are digging towards the center of the earth, because it seems to get worse, it seems to clothe us more every day, it has worn us out and the government seems to take more strength every day, it seems that enrich with the decision of the country, it would seem that when we are worse and worse and worse they are stronger and better, an irony; but we must find the Kryptonite that gives strength to the government.


I do not want to get used to the chaos, but the chaos is here, every day, riding among us, between the hollows of the streets that we dodge, between the buckets of water that we fill when they cut the water supply for days, in the hours that we spent doing nothing because there is no light, in the hours queuing to supply gas, buy food, buy domestic gas, the chaos is here, is part of our days, want to get used or not, is not a choice. This hard battle requires the greatest of our strengths, it is such a difficult and tiresome situation, fatigue, kill or make us flee, chaos strengthens the government and eats us daily, how can there be systems accepted like this by the eyes of the world ?, a country where human rights are violated every second, where people die for food, for medicine, for being victims of insecurity, we need to recover our strength.




No, Venezuelans don't deserve this. What you are experiencing is the end result of socialism. Maybe the people need to do something drastic.

@Sauna...I agree.

Perhaps the people left in Venezuela should VOTE with their FEET and leave Venezuela... this may not be easy, but with fewer + fewer people in Venezuela the People on the TOP will eventually have even BIGGER problems than the Venezuelans that have left...

Very Good Post Raquel

I really do not wish this system to anyone, it is like a cancer that clings to power and every day makes the country worse in every way.

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