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@bigtom13 challenged me! I'll respond, because it is definitely important for the development of the Steem ecosystem to do so.

And now I am trying to find out, what has been more important to me in encountering Steem: Communities? Rewards? Rewards? Communities?

My first thought was: COMMUNITIES! I have had so much fun in Kraków at Steemfest3. It had been my first time ever to meet real Steemians. They even made me write my first post about a friendly tribe named Steemians. Steemfest Intro.jpg

Second thought: REWARDS. It was Easter 2018. This fantastic woman, which continuously changes my life since 35 years, came up to me asking: "Isn't this what you've been looking for all the time?" She showed me the rewards system of Steem and immediately I knew: we could adapt this in such a way, that rewards go there, where social impact is generated. This was indeed the solution I had been looking for: let money follow social impact. Later on I wrote a little bit more on this, using the phrase purpose-driven economy.
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Today, with ImpactN we are creating a platform incentivising social impact, though we won't only stick to REWARDS but use other sources for funding of projects as well. But: a platform without a COMMUNITY is a chunk of bits and bytes, most of them showing a '0' - no information, nothing going on.

So what's my result: I think a REWARDING COMMUNITY is what has been and will be most important for me. Well, actually it's on position two, because position one is already occupied by that wonderful woman, who doesn't want her name to be published here.

Enough of rambling around.
I challenge @shredz7 because he was the first Steemian to support ImpactN through a delegation and a lot of inspiring discussions.
I challenge @mrprofessor who was too shy to step up and tell me, how much he likes what we are doing.
I challenge @nanzo-scoop, because he literally took me by the hand in Krakòw and introduced me to the Steem world.
I challenge @andrarchy, because he is definitely restless in promoting Steem as THE blockchain for our business.
I challenge @sinikka, because she not only shares her magnificent talents with us, but also made it into Steem just a few days ago. Thank you and welcome!

Have fun guys and gals! And don't forget the three rules @bigtom13 has set up:

Answer the question: Which has been more important to YOU in your journey with Steem? Communities or Rewards?

Use the hash tag #communitychallenge in the post and as one of the tags.

Challenge at least one but less than 1000 fellow members to respond.


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