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A Letter To Your 15-Year-Old Self

Ever thought about that? Writing a letter to your 15-year-old self? Hoping that some advice and lessons would be taught earlier before that incident happened. Hoping that you knew what was coming even before it came. Well, maybe I can't reverse time for you, but if you were to sit down and write a letter to your yesterday, how would the letter come out? Would it be a forewarning of something? Or about that missed opportunity? I would like to hear all that!

This week could get personal and I can't wait to receive all your lovely entries.

PS : This contest is created only for the members of #powerhousecreatives.



Criteria :

  1. Write a letter to your 15-Year-Old Self.

  2. The entry can be in any form. (Poem, Drawing, Painting, etc...)

  3. Entry must not be less than 350 words cause who knows, you might get curie or ocd :)

  4. Add a nice title to your entry. (Extra points for nice titles)

  5. You may use other photos/illustrations to share your story.


Submission :

  1. Your Entries(Steemit Post)are to be posted here in the 'community-contest' Channel.

  2. One Entry are allowed per participant.

  3. This contest must be done as a Steemit Post.

  4. Post title must include 'PowerHouseCreatives Contest' but with your own title.


Rewards :

There will be Top 3 Favourites (1 Steem Each + 1 selected rank perk)



will be able to win extra reward prizes according to their current rankings. Applicable only to first prize winners unless stated otherwise.

THE PEEPS ✩ : Normal Prize

ENTHUSIASTS ✩✩ : +1 Steem

BRONZE MEMBERS ✩✩✩ : +1.5 Steem

SILVER MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩ : +2 Steem

GOLD MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩✩ : +3 Steem


Deadline :

Sunday Night, 19/01/2020, 5.59PM (Cape Town)

Let the Creativity Flow!~

Thank you for supporting this contest every week and I hope to read many more interesting entries this coming week! Week after week, I am amazed by the quality entries you peeps have sent in and I'm sure this week would be a blast.

Happy Contest-ing.

Thank You

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Interesting @zord189 some of us will have to move lots of cobwebs around....

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An especially interesting prompt this week @zord189!

Cool !! Now, this is an interesting contest :)

Interesting topic for the contest @zord189.

¡hello, @zord189! This looks interesting. What are the requirements for membership? I'd like to participate.

Hereby my entry.
Thanks for the given opportunity.


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I wish it were a more uplifting letter, but here it is

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