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Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

What was the last song you listened to?

I always love giving challenges that are out of the box to you guys week after week because I know you guys have massive creativity. This week's contest is about how you interpret or how to bring a song to life. Basically, turn the last song you listened to into a story!

It's pretty simple, try to remember what was the last song you listened to, could be on the radio, on your Spotify and if you really can't remember, pick the most recent song you listened to. I'm all for creativity so this contest can be in any medium as well. A poem, a painting, a drawing etc...

PS : This contest is created only for the members of #powerhousecreatives.

Turn the last song you listened to into a story!


Criterias :

  1. Contest entries no less than 350 words.

  2. You may use other photos/illustrations to share your story.

  3. Think of a nice title for your entry post.

  4. Remember to credit all photos used.

  5. You can use any medium for this contest.



Submission :

  1. Your Entry is to be done as a STEEMIT POST tagging 'powerhousecreatives'.

  2. 1 Entry per member.

  3. Share your Steemit URL Entries in our 'community-contests' discord channel.

  4. Post title must have '(PowerHouseCreatives Contest)'.


Rewards :

Top 3 favourites will get 1 Steem Each and one will be selected among the 3 for a rank perk reward.

All entries will also be featured on Teammalaysia Steem FB page for extra exposure.



Members will be able to win extra reward prizes according to their current rankings. Applicable only to first prize winners unless stated otherwise.

THE PEEPS ✩ : Normal Prize

ENTHUSIASTS ✩✩ : +1 Steem

BRONZE MEMBERS ✩✩✩ : +1.5 Steem

SILVER MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩ : +2 Steem

GOLD MEMBERS ✩✩✩✩✩ : +3 Steem


Deadline :

Sunday Night, 05/01/2019, 11.59PM (GMT+8) / 5.59PM (Cape Town)

Let the Creativity Flow!~

Thank you for supporting this contest every week and I hope to read many more interesting entries this coming week! Week after week, I am amazed by the quality entries you peeps have sent in and I'm sure this week would be a blast.

Happy Contest-ing.

Thank You

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Hmmmm... I am listening to a song as I opened this post. Well, actually it's not just a song but a soundtrack. So that will be what I write about. I'll just consider the whole thing, "a song," which I do anyway. Nice content selection to start the new year with! Happy new year!

Last song I listened to? Hmmmm It was sometime between midnight and 4am... It was Perfect Harmony by Ed Shereen and Andre Bocelli.

I just had to listen to see what such a collaboration might sound like. Turns out it's pretty awesome!

Absolutely love that collaboration and it doesn't get any better than Bocelli, not that I'm a fan of Opera! LOL

Ed Sheeran did an amazing job with this song and I think that the added ingredient of Bocelli make this sweet song brilliant. Of course, that's only my opinion. Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!


I love hearing great voices sing, even when their musical persuasions aren't exactly my cup of tea. Before listening, I knew more about how Bocelli sounds than Sheeran. :) I was really surprised at how good Sheeran sounds in this!

Hehe. That is right! :) Interestingly, the song has been around, but, it never caught my ear. When together, I think they made a little magic.

The pairing of the two is what made it a standout, although, it isn't something I heard on the radio, I had to go seek it out, so I am not sure a lot of people are familiar with it.

Although I found that I had pulled another song from a while back that I did not know was Sheeran. He has a voice that changes with his songs. I don't recognize his voice. When I first heard him, I had to listen to the song over a few times as he has a CW twang, seriously! Listen to it! I found it interesting with him being a Brit.

I love hearing great voices sing. When a singer uses the top-end boost and their voice is smooth. Oh! I am in heaven. Anyway. I am glad you enjoyed it. I know I did.

Bocelli is an amazing voice and has an interesting backstory to me.

Yep, picked up on that the first time also, but just listened again - perfect harmony is an appropriate title! A truly awesome recording. I'll have to check out that Bocelli backstory. :)

Ah, you should. Probably nothing that you don't already know, but, for his great success, he had to overcome a bit in life.

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Oh my gosh, that is an amazing prompt for a story, @dswigle. Thank you for sharing it. Such amazing voices. Of course, now this is the last song I listened to as well! 😆 Just kidding. I won’t steal your song!

Last song I listened to was "Walk of Life" - Dire Straits today, will come back and let you know, life is strange, stranger still sharing you heart on your sleeve LOL...

Happy New Year @zord189 we are just over 2 hours out...

I think the last song I listened to which I can remember was Auld Lang Syne :)

O.o this one is a pretty neat twist. Sorry for not being very active lately. You know how things get at the end of the year.

What a fun and clever contest idea!

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