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Applications are open

The Applications are now open once again and we're always excited to be receiving new applications from new and long-time Steemians. Amazingly enough, there are always Steemians which I have not heard of on the Steem blockchain but have really amazing content on their blogs. This is what this community is all about, we are always about creative and original content. If you think you're that Steemian needing to find an outlet for engagement, a hub where like-minded people gel and jam together, on this blockchain for the long run, then YOU are that person we're looking for. A lot have asked me, 'but Zord, I think the content I create isn't what you're looking for'. Oh trust me, as long as it's original from you, we don't mind the niche. It could be nsfw, or yodeling or whatever it is that you're passionate about, it could be a niche not up my alley but as long as it's original, you're welcome to apply.

Some of you may have heard of the #powerhousecreatives on and off from other Steemians. Many have asked us how do they join this community because there isn't a discord link to be found anywhere.

And it's true, there ISNT a discord link for you to directly join this community because we are careful in selecting our members. Reason being, we only want quality, committed, genuine members who are on the Steem Blockchain for the long-term. Whether you are mainly on @dsound, @steempress, @dtube, it all doesn't matter as long you are here to contribute back one way or another in the Steem Blockchain by creating amazing content.

We're looking for dedicated & determined content creators who will not waiver and 'jump ship' whenever something happens to the blockchain leaving all our support efforts worthless and wasted. Instead, we're looking for content creators who will brace with us during the good times and the bad times on Steem. That is why we sift through and filter applications to make sure that we invite only Steemians who are fitting. Definitely, when you've been accepted into our community, there are several rules to follow. These rules are there to maintain the quality of each member and to achieve the vision that our founder, @jaynie has. We will not have gotten this far if it weren't for these higher standards.

Before I post a link to join our Applications post, do check out this video above that I've created for the #powerhousecreatives family and get pumped and excited. If you are committed to the Steem blockchain, then I hope to be seeing you in our community server soon.

Application Post Click Here

Only for the truly passionate and dedicated who can and wants to bring something of value to the Steem blockchain. Remember, this isn't a one-stop support hub, everyone has to get their hands in the mud together as a community and work together to build this blockchain. :)

Thank You

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Excellent, Resteemed to help spread the word 💪

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Thanks @d00k13

Seems like a great community! Glad I joined! Followed you too :)


Hahah I followed you too! And welcome to #powerhousecreatives once again! :)

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Going to include it in the prompt. Love you guys!

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@thebotefarm this is what you where asking about :)


I can't access the discord since last year. I've been trying to apply since last year even before the group became known. Then it was the former name, Steemit bloggers.

Still don't know what to do.

Thanks for the mention.


It took me over a year to get into discord too! My son helped me finally, but I really have no idea how I finally got in. Good luck - it's a really good place,so keep trying.

Hey everyone! Come and join THE most supportive team on Steem! You'll get to meet new people and find some really great content, you might have missed otherwise! Looking forward to seeing you in the #PowerHouseCreatives server soon! :)

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I resteemed this to tell the world. 💪

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