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An accusation that steemians are beggars.

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I came across a post a while back, where the author of the post was saying that all steemians are beggars. I would have put the link of the post here, but I don't have it because I saw it through a resteem.

He was using this analogy of the way beggars in real life bring out a plate to beg for money, to explain his point that steemians are beggars.

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He said that the way beggars put out a plate to beg for money in real life, is the same way steemians put out a post to ask for money and so because of this said that steemians are beggars.

He particularly targeted those who did not invest money in the platform has the main beggars because those who invested money that got them large stake here can just upvote their own post and get good rewards and so they are not the beggars.

So to him, if you didn't invest money and lots of it into this platform, you are a beggar.

Well, My response to what he was talking, was that he was talking complete crap. To be honest, I was shocked that somebody can think this way about steemians. Steemit is a place where people create contents that adds value and gets rewarded with upvotes from people if they like it, but beggars are just all about taking and not giving anything back.

So Steemians are not beggars, but content creators who add value to life most of the time. Da$$$$ it.

If someone or people don't know who they are been on steemit, they should ask questions instead of saying something funny.


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Steemians are not beggers ,the owner of that content just wanted to post something ,he or she has no fact to back his argument.

Yah, you are correct @bombo17