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Delivered to you: 29 August 2018

TeamNZ Announcements

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27 Aug - 2nz fashion week
10-16maori language week
15-23conservation week
19international talk like a pirate day
19125th anniversary of nz women's suffrage
22hobbit day (as part of tolkien week)

And finally, just because we should all feel good about ourselves .... ;)
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This Week's Selection

Post 1 by @samuel-earp-art

Check out some wonderful local scenery, as viewed through an artistic eye.

enter image description here

Post 2 by @masterswatch

A Russian holiday? An opportunity to photograph cool pieces of history.

enter image description here

Post 3 by @webstruxure

Continuing their series on helpful topics for those who have websites (or even thinking of having websites).

enter image description here

Post 4 by @clouda

Bring on spring indeed! Getting the garden ready.

enter image description here

Post 5 by @figgy

Awesome photographs of a slice of natural French beauty.

enter image description here

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What's about this one... that I don't know.

19 international talk like a pirate day

Hi @forykw - this is something that happens each year. In places like forums, it is easy to 'post like a pirate' and change your avatar & online name to something pirate-themed for the day. Lot's of fun.

We could do 'comment like a pirate' with a pirate signature for the day? :D

I don't know whether we've ever had any pirates in NZ, so maybe that would be fun to find out!

@teamnz Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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