Introducing STEEMFOUNDERS - a new, FREE method of creating accounts

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This is how many accounts have been opened with the help of the tool created by our team. Perhaps it's still not much, but we think that in the Steem network, sending EVERY single user is extremely valuable. That's why Steemfounders was created and that's why, today, we decide to introduce this tool to the entire Steem network and beyond.

The goal of Steemfounders is to reduce the time of waiting for the opening of new accounts for creators to a definite minium. With our mechanism, a potential new user can submit their first post to the blockchain within minutes of visiting our website. Thanks to us, a person who wants to publish and monetize their content in Steem blockchain will no longer have to wait 2-4 weeks to create an account.

How does it work?

We wondered how natural and organic the process of creating new accounts in the Steem network could work. Still, creating an account is still a certain cost incurred in STEEM tokens. But why can't the user get the tokens required to create an account on his own, in the way that the network anticipates - by writing text that the community will find valuable?

How do submit an application? Simply go to and enter your e-mail address (which will be needed to send you your Steem login details). Then prepare your post ( make it as good as possible ) and send it - your post should soon be noticed by the moderator and published on @steemfounders, ready to collect votes from the community.

Steemfounders allows someone who does not have a Steem account to place their post to the blockchain using @steemfounders account. Part of the funds earned in this way will be used to create an account, while the rest will be transferred to the user after 7 days from publication.

The task of the community is to vote for the best posts presented by @steemfounders. ALL of the funds earned by the posts we have published will be used as soon as we have received the appropriate amount of tokens to create and power up accounts for their author.

Today, if you earn the equivalent of 3 STEEM by post, your account will be automatically created, while the remaining earned tokens will be transferred to your account after 7 days from publication. However, creating accounts with Steemfounders will be even easier with the coming of HF 20. Surely one thing will remain the same - the fact that creating an account will require the user to present himself in his post in the best possible way. You will be informed about all Steemfounders updates.

For whom was Steemfounders created?

We are sure that everyone can answer this question their own way. It's not us who are Steemfounders - it's you who are! We are making our tool available and declare to support communities (also using other languages) that want Steemfounders to make it easier for them to gain new and interesting creators.

Which content will be best rewarded depends on the specific communities interested in welcoming new creators. However, we have prepared a set of the most important tips, which should be followed by the creators, before sending to Steemfounders their application. We invite you to read it here:

[Guide for users applying for creating an account with Steemfounders]

Maybe you are a member of the language community and want to see it grow? Please contact us - we are looking for moderators responsible for the control of posts published in languages other than English and the promotion of Steemfounders to those communities.

Contact with us is possible both through our Discord channel and website (all questions should be addressed to me - my nickname on is @Santarius).

Users interested in supporting our moderators are strongly encouraged to vote not only for @steemfounders posts, but also for special comments published under the posts, the prize of which will be fully distributed to people responsible for formatting, tagging and publishing applications.

Remember - these people work hard and voting for them may turn out to be a good idea (if the comment before voting did not earn anything, you will receive 25% of the curator reward).

It's not us who are Steemfounders - it's you who are!

I strongly encourage everyone to support their favourite creators publishing their entries on @steemfounders. I invite everyone who wants to get involved in the project to contact me - as I mentioned earlier, we will be very happy to receive language moderators.

We would like to encourage you to follow our project on my account as well as on our page.

For the incredible drawing - the Steemfounders logo, we would like to thank @fukako very much - we still can't believe that she created something so wonderful for us.

Would you like to discover many other great projects at Steem soon? You should definitely follow @nicniezgrublem, the co-founder of Steemfounders, the person responsible for the technical side of the project.

Steemfounders is sponsored by @noisy. If you like the way he does things, follow him and consider voting for @noisy.witness.


I love it! I have a few friends that are struggling to create an account, with the @steemfounders will be easily.
Question... Could be in any language, or just in English?

Of course, Steemfounders allows you to publish in any language you like.

We would very much like to have moderators who speak each language so that they can better tag posts etc. We would also like every Steemfounder language to have its own tag - for example #pl-steemfoudners for #polish, #jp-steemfounders for #japanese.

However, if there are not many applications, we will publish everything on the #steemfounders tag and on the tags that we find fit for the language used.

hey whose SP is used for the account creation mana, @noisy ? I thank him and any steem dolphin/whale who helps create free new accounts

Amazing @santarius...
@casagrande, @matheusggr, look that project, I think that we can use this for newcomers in the platform. I think that we can resteem that post in the @brazilians, for people see and for us tell them how to create an account easily.

I liked too! Sometimes put on the home page of steembr. It would certainly facilitate entry for many users. There were people commenting that they waited 7, 8 days to release the account.

This is awesome! Just one question: how do you prevent gaming by those seeking to secure multiple accounts and are able to generate good sounding posts (e.g. in the past some people could milk Curie by making new accounts and pretending to be different posters, so I've heard).

Maybe requiring some form of verification?

But anyway, this is a great initiative!

That is a good question. I think we should observe how the posts on @steemfounders will be rewarded and whether there are any suspects, and then draw conclusions from that and possibly implement some verification method.

It doesn't make sense earlier - now that someone earns 3 STEEM, they can simply open an account, they don't need Steemfounders to do so. The situation will change even more with Hard Fork 20

All true, and this wouldn't be a quick way to generate many accounts either. I guess I am thinking that the rewards of introductory points tend to be higher, so maybe people would think this makes it easier to pretend to do multiple? Not sure, really just thinking out loud here.

what if your post does not make 3 STEEM?

Such a user will receive a message that the process failed and will be able to ask for the funds to be transferred to any address.

We would probably also be able to agree, for example, if he wanted to pay the rest of the amount.

thanks, I think it's a cool idea, people want and usually get instant gratification these days.

Oh man, this really sounds good, can I make a translation to Spanish of this article? I think will be great for the Spanish-speaking community

Definitely! You can contact me, as I mentioned in this post on and Discord for any additional information you may need. We are very keen on information published in other languages, we are particularly looking forward to recruiting new language moderators - It is worth mentioning this. We will really be grateful :)

This is quite a good initiative. By getting potential Steemians to first write a post before the account is created, it helps to ensure the users are legit. Hopefully,it through this initiative, we can get to see more quality content.

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a nice and simple solution to a big problem, it should really well with your target audience that you are trying to onboard, particularly with the manual curation on the submitted posts.

with HF20 and RC's it should be even easier for you.


That's wonderful initiative as it's going to new users to cut off the waiting time they can start value addition to steem platform with no waiting at all. It's surely going to help out to grow community faster.

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Just letting you know:

published on @steemfoudners, ready to collect votes from the community.

Minor typo in your user address there. I am surprised that the address bot did not see it.

Already corrected, thank you :)

That was actually needed, thanks for your efforts!

This is a really good idea, especially with requiring the person to write a quality content post. I see so many half-a$$ posts on this site, like a pic of a hot chick or just a random image accompanied by broken english, getting way too much than it's worth. While good quality posts that took the creator probably hours to get done earn like 0.03 after the 7 days that it can earn. And let's face it, we all want to earn a little somethin on here! Lol

In many cases, for example, tagging fails. We must be aware that curators often look for good posts on specific tags (such as #SteemSTEM, #OCD-resteem, #travelfeed, etc.) Browsing Steemit is very cumbersome, not made easier by bidbots.

Unfortunately - omnipresent spam does not allow to reach, to all good posts, best practice therefore, is to create communities and own tags that are viewed and cured. I would be happy to support and promote any such community myself.

I enjoy writing in the #polish community (because I'm Polish), where I'm sure many people will see my post and vote for it (if it's good). There are many english-speaking communities that are worth joining, I will try to write about this post, because not all of them are so easy to reach :)

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