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Delivered to you: 19 September 2018

TeamNZ Announcements

May everybody Keep Calm and Steemit On!
Out of our currently-known total of 155 kiwis on Steemit, more and more are becoming inactive.
It is a worrying trend.
Not only supporting newbies, but encouraging them - and oldies - to stay, and find their niche is so important.
Let's be looking out for each other.
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Lastly, make sure you haven't missed out on reading this important information regarding the ANZUB bot in our Discord server.

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This Week's Selection

Post 1 by

The RNZAF story continues overseas.

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Post 2 by @trisquelwhare

Reached a milestone, so time to celebrate.

enter image description here

Post 3 by @tattoodjay

Check out this spectacular image of nature, captured by photograph.

enter image description here

Post 4 by @larksongbird

If you have an interest in crypto-talk, then check out this - and other- dTube discussion.

enter image description here

Post 5 by @aishaali

You may like to wish everyone a happy Islamic new year.

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Remember, only registered Kiwis using the #teamnz tag will call our special voting bot to your posts, and please follow our @teamnz profile to keep up-to-date on all the news and plans we have for our community.
Be on the look out for the bot in one version or another:
bot 10.JPG
(thanks to @sift666 for the use of this pic)

If any fellow kiwi wants to find us all, here is the invite:
discord invite
You need to come in to register for our upvote bot, and the in-server ANZUB bot.


Thanks for the plug. The never ending story continues.

I don't think it's just Kiwis - everyone has been slack lately because the payouts are low and cryptos are not looking good this year.

I'm picking cryptos to start slowly improving from this point but not rapidly because this year was a big hit and all the enthusiasm is gone.

Kiwi's are a separate thing though - for some reason NZ has always been a backwater for blogging - but keep up the good work, all it will take is half a dozen Kiwis doing good posts and interest can come up.

We can rebuild this!

@teamnz Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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