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TeamNZ Announcements

Seems like the Auckland-based meet-ups, thanks to @cryptonik, have started off well and will continue to grow. Kudos to you guys who are near enough to attend, and have made the effort - perhaps you'll inspire other regions to organise their own; and if so, we'd love to hear about it!
These types of events are not only about meeting fellow Steemians, but building a network of support and information-sharing, and possibly even spreading the Steemit word out into the community. Above all, having a bit of fun while doing it.
Maybe we need t-shirts .... ?
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kiwi-fied, of course ;D
As its not always easy to know for sure, it would be great if everyone popped a comment below naming the region they live in. That way we'll have a better idea on numbers for things such as meet-ups.

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This Week's Selection

Post 1 by @cryptonik

So on the theme of meet-ups, if you are anywhere near Auckland, make sure you are following Nik so you know where & when they are happening.

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Post 2 by

Continuing his NZ military theme, Len has begun a new series, logging information on the RNZAF as based around the country.

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Post 3 by @jgpro

Looking to support local crypto-based businesses? Check out this new initiative, spead the word, and wish him every success.

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Post 4 by @andysantics48

It is fantastic to see one of our own kiwis jumping into the radio show arena. Set your alarms and tune in each week to show some support and join in the fun.

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Post 5 by @ravenruis

This is her first real foray into writing (and publishing) a short story.

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If any fellow kiwi wants to find us all, here is the invite:
discord invite
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@teamnz Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

Cheers for the shout out.

Thanks for the mention.
eventually the whole history will be here on steem for ever.

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