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What It Means To Be A Part Of TEAMNZ

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Fellow New Zealanders - if you are a Steemit newbie, or coming back to the fold after a long break (you'll notice many changes and new features/groups/much more around the place) we would like to take this opportunity to let you know what it means to be a TEAMNZ member.

It began as an idea bounced about between @cryptonik and @ravenruis - a way for us kiwis to find each other and begin to create a community chat space away from Steemit - and so was born the Discord server. (Read about the advantages of joining, here). We share the place with a great bunch of Australians, too.

Next came the hunt for other kiwis to invite, and much of the groundwork for that had already been done in Steemit, by earlybirds @sift666 and @kiwideb as they began to gather the NZers into a comprehensive list and offered support & encouragement; unfortunately many of those kiwis have since dropped away (most blame can be laid at the feet of the crypto-dive about July last year).

What is important to understand is that Steemit (not Steem the currency) is about community, and it is difficult to find success here without it. No matter whether you joined Steemit as a crypto-enthusiast or a social blogger, you need to forge connections to others. Find niches on Steemit (and in the Discord communities) which offer mutual interest, support, and advice - and of course TEAMNZ is one of them.

Which brings us to what TEAMNZ can offer you, fellow kiwis, in this (sometimes) crazy Steemit world.

Via Discord

  • chat with other kiwis (and therefore network)
  • you'll find people awake at the same time as you (when most people live in the northern hemisphere, this can be invaluable)
  • be able to talk with others who understand our unique lingo and brand of humour
  • advice & support for newbies (this can be hugely important in having a good & successful Steemit experience)
  • a place to promote your business or service (if it accepts crypto payments)
  • a place to find others nearby and organise meet-ups
  • get crypto advice tailored to our own country; and learn of investor meetings
  • take advantage of the in-house upvote bot ANZUB (for confirmed & registered kiwis & aussies)
  • a cool footer banner - shout "NZ and proud" to the world
  • if you are an expat kiwi, its a way to connect with a bit of home and possibly finding other expats nearby

Via Steemit

  • upvotes from our bot (if you are on the whitelist)
  • promotion of quality posts, through our newsletters
  • for expat kiwis, its a way to keep that connection with home (news, pics, etc)
  • encouragement, and showing support (upvotes & comments, etc) to other kiwis
  • joining our voting trail, which supports fellow kiwis over and over again
  • occasional contests & promotions & topic suggestions
  • using the #teamnz tag so others can find your content (e.g: via the search engine or GINAbot notifications)
  • our newsletters not only promote kiwi profiles, but publish other helpful information to make our Steemit expriences better

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We classify a kiwi as being someone who was either born here or has made NZ their home. Please don't be too shy to hop onto our Discord server, say hello to fellow Steemians or reach out to the admins about anything.
Kia Ora!

If any fellow kiwi wants to find us all, here is the invite:
discord invite
You need to come in to register for our upvote bot, and the in-server ANZUB bot.

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Indeed, they (@sift666, @kiwideb, @ravenruis and @cryptonik) have done (and continue doing) such an amazing job. Feels really great to see this community growing.

There's always a place for others and I know many others also gave their contribution to NZ community (even if not that noticeable, it is always important). So, if you are out there thinking this is a boring place for you, just give it a try and ask around. Can't hurt much, can it?

I will be around as always.

Absolutely, @forykw you are right. There are probably many more people to acknowledge, which really emphasises the point that this is about our community of people. :)

@teamnz Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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