Palnet Quick Tip: Why No Claim Drop For Me?

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We're seeing quite a few questions about not receiving the claim-drop or not being included. Let's go over why some accounts were excluded from the claim-drop, and see if any apply to you.

The Minnow Support Project will provide a claimdrop up to 16,000 accounts. We worked from a list of under 50,000 accounts that have been active in the last two months. We applied blacklists from trusted sources. We manually removed known multi accounts and previous bans from PALnet discord. We removed users with 10 SP or less. We then took the square root of SP, capped that value at 250, and multipled by 10.

So the three points to stick with on this:

  1. Have you been active in the 2 months prior to the release? Active meaning making posts on the Steem block-chain. We made this list a week or so before launch, so there may be over-lap of making a post, but just outside of when we collected this information.

  2. Have you been banned at MSP Discord or blacklisted by another well respected community? If you have been, there you go.

  3. Have more than 10 SP powered up in Steem. Seems arbitrary, but this would have spread the drop out thinner. If your account was under 10 SP a week or so before launch, this is also a reason you did not receive coins.

This was an exhausting process, and I'm certain that there are many good accounts that were missed. We will be making that up to those accounts. We have our top men on it.


Thanks you for your understanding during this launch phase.


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Hello, we're a small but very active community of fiction and poetry writers. Some of our delegating members claimed successfully but the bananafish account can't. Can you please clarify if we are excluded, so that I can stop wondering about a technical issue? Thanks!

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Hey there. I didn’t receive tokens either.

I have 1700 SP and post periodically but upvote and comment almost daily!

Would love to be included.

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None apply to me and I was excluded. I have 100 something SP. Maybe next time I guess...

No reason why you cant buy it or mine some Palcoin or earn it :)

My post doesn't earn anything ): Unless I used Dlike, my posts go unnoticed. Until I can generate more earnings, I don't have money to buy Pal. The minnow upvote thing helped the posts that got ignored and now it's gone. ):

We all start some where :) I started two years ago with nothing. You need to dig your feet in work and commit and invest.

What most people see in others that are successful is wow they got it good. What they don't see is the hours, the investment of time, energy and money that went into getting them to that point.

I see your point. I even post on other sites like Weku, Whareshares and link back to my Steemit and that doesn't seem to work.

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Bunch of self voting lol but Palnet most likely is your best bet as more people learn they earn the same rewards for a selfupvote as they do for a curation vote

Yeah, we'll make sure you're on the second-check list

hi @swelker101.. are we bananafishians listed by any chance?

Same here :(

Listed. Thanks!

Thank you, I've also translated to Portuguese the post showing how to claim it

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Thanks for the post. Can you please check my account why wasn't my claim successful? Thanks a lot.

thanks ! :) @swelker101 for the information ! 💙 ♩♬

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I got my airdrop of 370 coins yesterday and i am really happy with it.... and how we can increase our earnings is there any post or information regarding it ?

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Not sure where I can claim the PAL tokens, but I've been pretty active all through, above 10sp and I've never been banned from PAL or anywhere else. Hopeful.

Thanks for explaining, buddy.
Edit: Just claimed it. Thanks.

Aaahhh I just came back to Steem, and I guess I miss out on this.

Uhhh I think I will blame myself... no Shane. That's it, just like what the discord bot recommends XD.

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I have not posted a blog in the past two months but I have resteemed others posts and also posted lots onto the blockchain in terms of Steemmonsters and Drugwars transactions. Does this count? Point 3 definitely doesn't apply to me and I am pretty sure point 2 doesn't either. I think I joined the PAL discord pretty soon after it started. Not moaning or anything and have no expectation or belief that I deserve any free PAL just thought I would ask the question. Thanks

Edited. I appear to now have some PAL coins in my Steem Engine wallet. I'm not sure whether I missed it earlier or whether I didn't wait long enough or whether there has been a manual adjustment, either way, I am happy that I have some PAL coin. Thanks !

That is usually a case of clearing browser cache and trying steem-engine again.

The icon is not displayed after the cache is cleared.
The first word of the name on the list is Uppercase, and my steemit name is lowercase.


Yes, I looked, I don't see your name on the list

Why was it deleted?

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Not sure that it was, it's possible it was never on. Are you on one of the communities black-list? I used the link you posted above which gives me view only access.

I am not black-list

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Okay, found it. The capital was not listing it with the "j" groups. They're checking scotbot to see if it was issued.

You can view the history of the list, it should have my name

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I think it was a well thought out and fair formula honestly.

You should have seen it before we remembered to not divide by zero.

Thanks for this post. That clears it up. I currently have a whopping 2 SP so that would be why.

I didn’t receive tokens either And I am already on the list also

How many PAL were to be included in the claim drop. I received almost 250 I believe. Thanks so much!!!

Yes, I've seen people ask about this - will point them here for more info! What's the best way for them to 'report' if they feel they should have been part of the first round of claim drop?

Dropping here would be great

I don't understand why I was not included?

ARE WE NOT MEN !!!!!! Was just researching all of this , trying to make mornings a priority to curate on Steem and then I found this so stoked . I dont if I am worthy but if not I dont care this is just awesome regardless . Amazing work team

No! We are DEVO!

Sorted out my PAL coins woop woop

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i still not Yet airdrop icon appear ! :(
i made several times in PAL Discord help channel and several of moderators enlisted me
but still not Appear the Airdrop Icon ! :(((((

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Hi, I've been muted back in May. Could you please review my posts, because I don't think my blog is low quality... and I also curate regularly..

Hi!I have been trying to claim my air drop for quite awhile now. and, I had been told that it would only run for 2 more days- can anybody out there help me?

hi @swelker101

Are you somehow related to PALnet project? I'm assuming that you're part of their team? Just curious.

Would you also know when this airdrop will end?

Yes, I am part of the team, The airdrop ends Midnight UTC July 8th. So the 7th is the final day.

Thank you for your prompt reply @swelker101

From what I've learned your target was to get 16k new users via airdrop (I think that's what I've read). Did you manage to get close to your goal already?

ps. would you mind sharing with me what do you do in PAL team? Im simply very curious about your project. I invested already some of my resources and I'm trying to find out a bit more about team before I would decide if I want to invest more funds and energy into this platform.

So far I'm very positive and I noticed that the biggest concern some people have is the fact that SMT can be a threat to steem-engine.


The last time I checked we were closing in on the 40-ish% of claims. That's been a few days, and a little slower than I expected. Overall the views seem positive, though there are some people that are buying in for some reason or another.

We will cross that bridge of SMTs when we get more information, but I personally don't see why they can't both exist.

Dear @swelker101
Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate you being so very responsive and professional.