Happy Birthday to me - Win a 1k SP Delegation!

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How time flies …

I already celebrated my 21st birthday on Steem, and now another year has passed: I’m turning 22. At that age, my mom already had 1 year old me. Weird thought, as I’ve only just completed my bachelor degree (yay!).

Now, with posts celebrating my last birthday, me hitting a reputation of 70 (which doesn’t look like such an achievement anymore), and the post about my 1 year on Steem, I’m kind of out of ideas for a birthday post. What is there left to say?

Of course, I’m happy about all the new friends I made and old friends I kept on here during the past year. I feel like Steem has helped me grow as a person, has given me the chance to meet many amazing people (even in person, as you can see in my travel diary on @suesa-random ), and got me to write more.@suesa

Over and over again, I see people writing that, in the end, we’re all just here for the money. And if you pay some attention, you’ll notice less and less people posting when the price is low, which seems to confirm this notion.

And then you see the people who keep posting through the down, who still invest hours upon hours to craft a high-quality post, regardless of the potentially low payout. They just keep going, keep interacting, keep helping the Steem community grow.

And they’re not just in it for the money.

When I met @alexdory on my Europe tour, we had a long talk about this. He’s one of those people who aren’t in it for the money, who tries to give back as much as possible. And while I myself also pride myself in not being on here just for monetary gain, I have to admit that I like earning the money I need for my master’s degree by writing stories.

Still, if Steem dropped to 0, I’d likely still stick around, as long as there is a community to interact with, as long as there are readers to comment my stories, and people like @tezmel who are excited to learn new things through my science posts (I promise, I’ll get back to that. Soon-ish.).

And to encourage the people who stick around, who still read posts on here, I decided to turn my birthday post into a small competition for you to win a 1000 SP delegation for 2 months!.

The Rules

  • Create something for me. It’s my birthday after all! It can be a piece of art, a story, a piece of photography, a bredlik, … basically anything you can think of!
  • Post your creation on your blog, and explain why you decided to create exactly this!
  • Use the tag suesa-birthday as one of your 5 tags. I don’t care about the order.
  • Link back to this announcement post, so that others can participate too! It’s a community thing after all.
  • Comment a link too your post here so I can find your entry
  • Only post original content. I don’t want some random image from google.
  • Don’t be a spammer/plagiarist. If you’re blacklisted by steemSTEM, steemcleaners, buildawhale, minnowbooster, or anyone else that blacklists people who tend to damage the Steem ecosystem, your entry will be ignored.
  • The winner will be chosen at the beginning of October, likely in the first two days, depending on what my schedule looks like. They will then receive the delegation for 2 months, starting on the day they receive it.
  • If the delegation is abused for random flagging, upvoting spam/plagiarism, or similar, it will be removed the moment I hear about it.

Why a delegation? Why am I not powering up the Steem to the winner, or paying it out?

As I said at the beginning of the post, I care about community interaction. A delegation can lead to two things: increased self-voting, or increased/more effective curation. Guess what I want to support?

Now, let’s have some fun! I’m looking forward to the entries 😊



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I got to wish you a happy Steem birthday already and now I get to wish you a real one.... nice!

Happy birthday! ^_^

At that age, my mom already had 1 year old me.

I think this is a common theme. People are waiting longer now for lots of reasons. The economy might be one, but I think education and career choices may also have a lot to do with it. Also it's becoming more acceptable to just not want children, which is good, because there's way too many of us already.

Still, if Steem dropped to 0, I’d likely still stick around, as long as there is a community to interact with

I'm looking forward to buying all the liquid STEEM on the chain when it drops to 0. I'll buy it all for $1 even. I guess that means you'll want to buy it for $2. So i'll offer $5.

I bet there are others who think like us too. They might bid $20 for the lot. Or higher....

Uh-oh. I guess STEEM can't go to 0 after all. Damn. I guess that's how this whole attention economy thing works. I'm sure we can get closer, but as we get closer, the interaction gets more organic, so I'm not complaining. I'm just buying, and posting (once in a while). ^_^

I hope you like my story, as well as my writing it.


This would be my little gift, it happens well in your day;)



pero si me vas a dar pastel??


hay para todos :)


I hope you give the delegation, for your support to the community, and @suesa happy birthday.


Are you comming to steemfest? That would make the present thing easier.


I got tickets. If no higher power (my boss) stops me, I'll be there!


Then I will have to think about a present for you.

I never know about birthday stuffs.
Never know what to say either.
Happy birthday! I guess.
And, yay!
And. <3
You rock.



Happy birthday!


Oh wow! You are quite young and yet you have gone too far here in Steemit.. that is one inspiring story to follow..
Happiest Birthday!
More Steemit Birthdays to come! ❤

here's my entry link


Thank you!


You are most welcome..

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good luck to youuuuuuuuu and our other triplet from WW! hehehehehehehe


Goodluck to all of us!!!! Way to go team WW! 😍

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Happiest of birthdays @suesa!

Wow - It's hard to believe you're only 22. You write with a wisdom and maturity far surpassing those years.


Are you accusing me of catfishing people? :P

Thanks for your birthday wishes 💚


There have been rumors about you actually being a man.
Working for the big pharma.



Happy Birthday Suesa!

I hope it was wonderful.


It was a great year


kryptik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i haven't seen you in forever hehehehehe

every time i see my beautiful Capt'n Dreemsteem pic - i think of youuuuuuuuuuu (though i haven't done the hunt again... but thinking about doing it soon) hope you're well!

I can not believe it has been a year since I saw your last birthday. That was like a whole year ago, and I was still very new to steemit, and I found, and still find your stories very enjoyable. I know I have not been around and dropping leaving comments and votes, but in that year I have learned to much about steemit it seems at times. I still when cruising the newbiehighways of steemit if I find a scientifically lost soul still refer and send them over in the direction of steemstem. Who ever you find to share your SP with I am sure will be very pleased with it.

Happy Birthday


Hope to see you around more again, I connect positiv memories with your username! 💚

Am wishing you a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.
This contest of yours in the best so far for this week, trust me.

Later also from me all the best to the birthday.

There we have, nevertheless, actually on the same day birthday, only that I am already nearly twice as old...

I am not participating in the contest. But Happy Birthday @suesa! <3

I made something for you.

I decided to appreciate you enough to create something else than THAT.

Here you go!

... I have something made for you and I'm not sure if you want me to post it :D

The difficult part would be explaining the "why"-part. Basically it would be "Whyyyyyyyyy? Oh my god whyyyyyyyyy?"

And yes, you've seen it already.


Oh God not that abomination


Oh yes that abomination well crafted part of fine art.

This would also encourage people of all skill levels and mental health stages to take part in the competition.

Belated happy birthday @suesa and congratulations too!! Thank you for this opportunity!

Here’s my share:


Good luck to you my little WW triplet hehehe <3

Happy birthday to someone very special, @suesa. Thanks for being exceptional. You are influential. Below is the link to my post, I hope you love it. Cheers!!
Happy Birthday Suesa

Happy birthday @suesa Wish You all the best and God bless you.

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Happy birthday @suesa. All the best!

A birthday contest, brilliant.

Happy birthday @suesa - and I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it!! :)

Suesa's birthday post!

I celebrate with you on this occasion of your birthday @suesa. May God bless you and may you live to achieve your ambitions.

Congratulations @suesa and all the best!

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy being 22!

Hey @suesa. I'm sorry it's so late, but I hope you'll like my birthday present to you.