The SteemSavvy Member Spotlight - @MamaSez

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Part of the goal of SteemSavvy was to introduce people I thought would fall in love with the blockchain....

I come from a background in internet and affiliate marketing so I always thought....STEEM is perfect for that industry!

Seems like I wasn't alone in my thinking :)

We're big on community in SteemSavvy, and from my time in affiliate marketing, I have met some people that are the definition of community....Renee or @MamaSez is just that kind of person.

A huge contributor in many of my off-chain communities, Renee has been a huge asset to so many people...

She jumped on SteemSavvy as one of the first members of the platform and has introduced a number of others to the training as well...

Ladies and gentlemen, get to know...


We've known each other for years but for those that may not know 'MamaSez', let us know a bit of your history and how you came to discover crypto!

I've been on computers since 1976 (mainframe) and online since 1996, doing the "normal" internet stuff like building my geocities sites and participating in PTR's (paid-to-read), PTCs (paid-to-click) and TEs (traffic exchanges) for the past 10 years...

At least 5 years ago, someone turned me on to a fun little site,, and I collected those as well as when that started up, every hour when I was online.... easy peasy.. Plus a number of other fun "faucets." Then when the "fork" happened my almost $100 worth of coin turned into $1500!! It allowed me to purchase upgrades where before I couldn't.

Although BTC is no longer trading at such high levels, it is still an important part of my online activities. And finding other faucets like and, and like-minded other web entrepreneurs has allowed me to maintain my "crypto" lifestyle.. using it to pay my members and buy products at other sites.

As an owner of websites throughout the years, and it's emphasis on community. How important is community to you when it comes to any crypto project, especially STEEM?

I don't think anyone online knows everything about any one community, coin, blockchain, stackchain, mining, drip, etc. That is why communities like Steem are so important. Everyone knows something and when we share that knowledge, we are all enriched and can profit and benefit from each other's niche knowledge.

Why do you think online entrepreneurs have a hard time embracing crypto as a viable payment option?

I think originally the problem with crypto was its instability of value and it is so NEW... it wasn't backed by gold or silver. We KNEW there was value but knowing what the value would be tomorrow or even later was what made many people hesitant to use it.

But as it is used more, I have noticed my members cashing out when BTC was lower, knowing that later on it would be worth more... maybe our members are smarter than some of the owners? Or the owners just don't know how to make it work for them, or where to start... BitCoinBully is a great place to get your feet wet...

What is your favourite application on the STEEM blockchain?

I don't have a favorite yet, still getting my feet wet....

If someone was getting their feet wet with SteemSavvy, what would be your biggest piece of advice for them?

Sign up for an account at Steemit with a name you want forever and DON'T lose your password...

Seriously, there are lessons... at SteemSavvy... FREE and done at your pace.. there to repeat as often as necessary. Short sweet videos that take you by the hand through EVERY step...

You can't go wrong because those videos are done by "people" who started as newbies, and learned by trial and error. By following the videos, you can avoid the errors and just get to the "good stuff"!

Thank you so much for your input and insight Renee!

It's been such an honor to know you all these years and I look forward to seeing you bring even more people over to STEEM!

As being featured as the 'Savvy Steemian', I've sent you 25 Steem Power in delegation for as long as you ever want it :)

If you want to follow Renee's journey, be sure to check her out on SteemSavvy and on the Steem blockchain!


Mamasez that's COOL thing you showed here related to blockchain and STEEM. And congratulation for being selected.

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She picked a few winners in her time...BTC and BCH was pretty epic a call!

Great to see Renee being under the spotlight. Renee has been a great addition to SteemSavvy and our discord group.

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Agreed! Awesome to have her more active too!

Congratulations @mamasez on your turn on the pedestal.

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@mamasez is somebody you want on your team. She is also a great all-around person to have as a friend. Be sure to check out her cats on her blog!

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Such a great idea interviewing Renee. I have gotten to know her a little bit from being in Steem Savvy Discord as well as your weekly Sunday night show. We are kindred spirits in a way due to our love of everything Kitty... Looking forward to getting to know her better as time moves on

I have met Renee first time on SteemSavvy discord, but it is also nice to know more about her and this interview is perfect... I didn't know that she has such a long history in IT and affiliate marketing...

Thanks for the interview Jon. Nice to meet you @MamaSez !

Great experience to have part of the community as building an ecosystem like this almost feels like the Geocities back in the day! Welcome!

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I was a 'Bravenet' person myself LOL but GeoCities....That's going back in time lol

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