Steemitri The Mannequin receives another fantastic digital artwork! Thanks to @claudiazazu

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Dear Steemians,

My scouting for new artists on Steemit is still on! A few weeks ago I introduced @barbhr which was kind enough to send me an awesome portrait! You can find the post here.

This time surfing through the posts of the Italian community SPI, I encountered the artwork of @claudiazazu!

I liked her art right away and I couldn’t hold myself, so I contacted her.
She answered with this beautiful work!

Original artwork by @claudiazazu

Claudia aka Zazu is an Italian graphic designer, illustrator, videomaker and comic book artist!
You can find her introduction post here!


She has been on Steemit for a month and recently she hasn’t posted a lot, however she is an active member of the @steempostitalia community.

We can’t wait to see some other artwork of hers… in the meantime you can add her in your list of followers ;-)

Thank you very much Claudia!

I love this drawing and as a sign of appreciation I forwarded her a couple of STEEM!

Another eclectic artist from Japan coming soon, stay tuned!

Steemitri The Mannequin


Creative Commons License
This work (text and photos) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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Bellissimo riratto! ^_^


D'accordo con te... mi piace tantissimo :-)

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A huge congrats to @claudiazazu!! What a nice drawing!!👏🔝✌️
Captain banana rules!! Yeah!!!!🤙🍌💪

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Yeah! Such an amazing artwork!

I really like her drawing and her style. Indeed the drawing made foto you is really cool🤟.
She is great and Captain Banana too!!!


Yep! She's talented artist... hope to see more of her artwork.

Queste banane ci hanno dato alla testa xD

Great, amazing illustration! You're right, @claudiazazu is a talented artist; promoting her is so very kind of you! And Captain Banana is unbeatable, of course! :D


Mmmh... Yeah, too much bananas now on Steemit... I will change topic in the next posts ;-)

Claudia did a great job!!! I love this artwork!


Yeah right! An amazing portrait!

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banana captain, a very beautiful art. You really value artwork.
Regards @steemitri


Thanks man! You should visit @claudiazazu's blog ;-)


good! I will visit.

Love the artwork. I'm on my way right now to check out her blog. :-)


Yessss she did a great job ;-)
At the moment her blog is on standby... so let's wait for some new posts.

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Oh this is so excellent

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Claudia is a great artist! She did an excellent job :-)

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What a great gesture by her!


It was nice to chat with Zazu. I love the Captain Banana portrait :-)
I think I will print those artworks.

Guarda cosa ho trovato all' H&M:



Oh yeah! Grandi Velvet Underground!

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Bellisimi non li avevo ancora visti! :D