Steemitri The Mannequin would like to thank @barbhr for her fantastic digital artwork

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Dear Steemians,

Yesterday I decided to surf through the various posts with hashtag #introduceyourself looking for new interesting users… unfortunately this tag has been used and abused in an inappropriate way, so any research turns out to be difficult.

After several minutes scrolling down the page, I encountered the first introduction post of Barb @barbhr. Her description is rather short, but it caught my eye right away. She is a graphic designer and Mexican artist; I like her style very much:

I'm a fan of absurd humor and irreverent characters, so you will see a lot of that here :P - by @barbhr

… therefore, we have definitely something in common ;-)

I asked her to make a sketch of myself… and she did it immediately, check it out!!!

Original photo by @barbhr

Plastic fantastic!

I love this drawing and as a sign of appreciation I forwarded her a couple of SBD!

This is her profile if you would like to support her art, go see her: @barbhr

Of course you can support new Steemians searching with #introduceyourself… finally we all started from there and it is nice to give a hand to the new incomers on Steemit.

Have a good start into this exciting adventure!

Steemitri The Mannequin


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Thank you for your nice words! i really appreciate them. Lets spread the absurdity


Thanks again for your artwork!!!

Do you think I can use this art for my gold seal sticker for BANANA PROGRAM? I Have to make some stickers today

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you can use it, i don't have any problem with that :)


Oh I don't know... cause it's not my work... I would say Yes, but it's @barbhr's work... and she's not so active on Steemit :-(
You can try to ask her in one of her comments.


Maybe I’ll draw my own just to be on the safe side

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Omg I like this style too. Absurdity is my life blood.... is love to have an absurd person convention in the future...

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Yeah, she's a great artist... and we all love absurdity ... (and bananas), haha


Thanks for highlighting this new Steemian, @steemitri.

Bananas + absurdity = a lighter life 😁


Without absurdity I’d surely be dead. It’s true!

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Nice idea and great choice! 🔝😀
She seems to be great!😉
I love her work!✌️
Steem on!!!🤙


Yo! I like her artwork... Let's see if she's going to post some other amazing stuff.
I would like to support more artists from #introduceyourself ;-)

Well done, dear @steemitri! @barbhr actually is an amazing artist, so I've decided to invite her in the @minnowbooster whitelist.
Greetings from the beaches of the Salentine Peninsula!


Thank you for the invitaton and the really nice words!


You're welcome ;-)


Hey @miti!
Thanks for your comment :-)
Yeah, @barbhr is a talented artist.
Big hug from Switzerland

Great drawing of you you very mobster hahaha, it looks like my old drawing hahahaha.


Yeah! She did a great artwork!!! I love it!

Behind a Barb does often hides a fancy person, believe me ;-)
How great you look my friend, I can not imagine you without bananas now... =D


Haha, oui, la barbe.
Thanks for your comment Luigi.
Big hug

Disegno molto carino e stravagante. La banana sempre grande protagonista. Complimenti anche a @barbhr.
The drawing is very funny and particular. The banana is always a good charachter. Congratulazioni Aldo ti @barbhr.


Yeah, I love the final result :-)
Barb has some great skills.


P.S. l'inserimento automatico ti ha sballato una frase in inglese