The Minnow Power-up League - Week #41

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Welcome to the Minnow Power Up League.

The Minnow Power-Up League is kindly sponsored by Steem witness @yabapmatt and @steemmonsters! Prizes will be issued in @steemmonsters packs and STEEM -

The Minnow Power-Up League was created to encourage members of the community to invest STEEM and hold Steem Power. Holding Steem Power long-term is an excellent way to grow an individual account, and bring stability and growth to the price of STEEM.

We now have 154 minnows that are growing and tracking their progress on the road to dolphin-hood. We also have 38 graduates. Together, last week the league members have powered up a total of 8896.38 Steem Power. All participants since joining have powered up a massive 326,320.032 SP. To learn more about this minnow initiative please do have a read of our introductory post:

A big shout out and a warm welcome to the new league entrants the last few weeks week - @tryskele, @adenijiadeshina, @skramatters, @sparkesy43, and @neuerko. We are happy to have you join us.

Do you want to join?

You can join or leave at any stage, all you must do is leave a comment below and let us know that you want in or out.

Let's Grow Together

Don’t forget we are all trying to grow so please do consider supporting the person above you and the person below you in the league by visiting their blog posts or even voting on their comments in this post.

The Minnow Power-up League

Every Thursday we will be using SteemSQL database managed by @arcange to gather details on the Owned SP for each person that has entered the league. The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held last week. The person with the highest SP growth for the current week will be on top of the leader board.

There are 4 levels depending on your SP levels. Once you graduate from one, you will be automatically placed on the next. When you graduate from the 4th you will be placed on the Minnow Wall of Fame. As this post could get rather long with the 4 levels, as we grow, we may consider splitting this into different posts on different days.

Level 1


Congratulations to @mmunited being first in the league this week with a massive power up of 189.504 SP.

In second is @cyberspacegod and in third is @minhaz007. Well done the both of you!

leveling up to level 2 next weeks is @sumit71428 - Awesome!

Also in the top ten is @adenijiadeshina, @khaimi, @masoom, @midun, @bluemoon, @guchtere, @hhayweaver. Well done on the Power-ups everyone.

On the home stretch in level 1 are @viking-ventures, @hickorymack, @islanderman @mmunited, @masoom and @bluemoon - you are so close to graduating from level 1, Steem on!

Level 2


There are now 31 active participants on level 2, and this weeks winner is @nererko with an amazing SP growth of 614.891 this week. You also level up next week to level 3 and its your first week with us!

Congratulations also to who has finished in second place.

Graduating from level 2 to 3 next week with @nererko is @jlordc - well done.

On the home stretch this week is @robertgelbmann and @coolguy123 - not too long now until you reach the next level.

Level 3


@naturalmedicine you are first in this weeks level 3 league with an SP growth of 141.445, sweet!

Also, good stuff from @minismallholding you are in second place, and nice work @voxmortis you made third.

@karamyog you are on the home stretch, not long now till you graduate from this level.

Level 4


@anthonyadavisii you are first in level 4 league this week with amazing growth of 233.449P. That rocks! @for91days in second place, well done.

@jeffjagoe, @anthonyadavisii, @trincowski and @jeronimorubio you are on the home stretch, Next stop is dolphin-hood.

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame. This wall is a showcase of the minnows that took part in this league and graduated to dolphin-hood. There are no new entries to the wall of fame this week.


This weeks prizes

We have a new prize and a new sponsor. A big shout out and thank you to @riverflows sponsoring 2 SBI units to the winner on Level 2, which this weeks goes to @neuerko!

Also a big thank you to @roleerob for sponsoring an SBI unit to the overall highest power up in the week. This weeks winner is again @neuerko with a massive power up of 614.891SP. Congratulations!

Well done to @cyberspacegod, @minhaz007, @adenijiadeshina, @khaimi,, @akomoajong, @jlordc, @minismallholding, @voxmortis, @karamyog, @for91days, @trincowski, and @jeronimorubio who have all received some STEEM this week.

And congratulations to @mmunited, @neuerko, @naturalmedicine, and @anthonyadavisii for placing 1st in their respective level and picking up a pack of @steemmonsters cards. Be lucky!

That's it for this week, cheers all!


In the face of the latest downturn in prices, great to see those still investing in it for the long haul @steemcommunity. At these prices, maybe we'll see a big surge in buying and powering up in the next few days?

1 SBI share registered for this week's winner @neuerko. A "double" winner it appears!! Hats off to @riverflows for also helping support the weekly MPL post ...

"Onward and upward" into a new week!

P.S. Ever thought of having some sort of summary section, where we see some perspective on how this week's results compare to past results? Monthly? Quarterly? Or something along those lines?

Hi, and as always thanks for being such an amazing sponsor, always encouraging others. As for the summary, I just can never find the time. Its been on my list weeks and keeps moving down the list because I have to work so much....sorry! I will get to it at one stage

Certainly understandable @paulag ...

"Its been on my list weeks and keeps moving down the list because I have to work so much....sorry!"

... and no apology needed!

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@neuerko sending you SBI units now! Well dome you!

nice, thank you very much for being such an awesome sponsor

Thanks for the support!

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You are welcome!

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I just got over 500 SP! I’d like to join, pretty please!

Posted using Partiko iOS

awesome, I will add your name, we were waiting for you :-)

Great! Thank You kindly! I’m hoping to get past 1000 SP very soon!!!

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I would love to join if eligible. Thanks everyone for the project.

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eligible you are and will be starting on level 2, nice. the new post will be out tomorrow

Hey guys! Not sure if I'm in this so could you put me in if I'm eligible for it please? I'm on a mission to dolphinhood too 🙂

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awesome, dolphinhood will be starting on level 2 and the new post will be out tomorrow

Sweet! Level 2 is going to get WRECKED! Will check tomorrow and get on the power up train 🚂

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This is where we find the kings.
Still have a long way to go.

as long as its up, then you are going the right way

Only ~100 Steem left for me. Awesome! 😎

Soooooo close @trincowski. You'll being "swimming around" as a 🦈 in no time!

No problem :)

Especially when I accidentally send you an extra STEEM in the prizes this week. Consider it a little more motivation to keep on truckin'


Thank you! ☺️
(I've powered them up immediately!)

thats so close......

Nice 4 potential dolphins in the making @jeffjagoe, @anthonyadavisii, @trincowski and @jeronimorubio and @fullcoverbetting not far behind. Looks like we're having a graduation party soon! I'm so close to 3k now, hopefully, with these low prices I can score some more stake!

Getting really close ! 😬

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I wish I didn't buy at 70 cent, I could be buying so much more now :-(

Sweet! Bought a bit more during these low prices to drop my avg buy. Probably had a couple more buy orders execute.

Really trying to make that 🐬. Few more buys and Utopian posts. Think I'll make it in short order.

Thanks for the mention and running this project!

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Hopefully timed to perfection :)

Utopian-io has really helped grow my account these past 18 months, good to see them helping you along too.

Cheers for the RS!

Nice, I need to do some utopian posts myself

All participants since joining have powered up a massive 326,320.032 SP.

That is a lot of steem. All of us together are almost a whale. (that's 500,000 steem to be a whale right)?

its massive, and yes I think 500K is a whale

Way to go everybody! Excellent work 👍👍

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thanks for stopping by

I would like to join if it does not conflict with the same league I am already in.

Thank you!

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sorry you have to wait till you graduate from the other one first :-)

Ahh! I got to be third with just 30SP, What a surprise lol I remember I used to appear in 5 - 10 with 150+SP.

Looks like the trend is now steem engine tokens and steemmonsters FTW! 😂

Anyways, thanks for the gift! ❤

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now that I have split the leagues it should be more motivating, but yes, there was a time people were powering up more

I'd like to join please :)

hi @contrabourdon and welcome to the league, you will be starting on level 4 and the new post will be out tomorrrow

Thanks for the fish but I don't see dolphinhoids as anything obtainable.. Damn, I hate myself for being such a sea urchin but it's just not a reality for me in this climate.. 🍻

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Dont give up! You can do it!

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I appreciate the pep but I'm taking a fish stand as an organic Minnow. It's time to revolt and swim against the current..

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Not everyone has aspirations to become a dolphin and thats okay. the fact you grew this much is awesome. What I would say is that it is attainable, I became a dolphin organically.

That's impressive indeed, I can't fathom it though in my situation and having never really seen steem above 45 cents except for a few weeks when I didn't have enough SP to make a post and a few comments a day.

My reality is that without the support of one account I'd average about 10-20 cents a post and paid comments are basically dead. That support I've had won't last forever and the upcoming changes with my few dozen actual followers will reduce my growth even more. Perhaps after many months and that elusive mass adoption the rate of growth could pick back up but 4500 more sp!?! I'm going to have to disagree that it's attainable, it's simply not a reality on a, fractured platform with tens of thousands of active users.

Most especially considering I'm in the top 1%, do the math, my full vote is worth a fraction over a penny, where on earth would an organic 4500 sp come from and in this climate it would take years. I'm not trying to be ungrateful I just think my generation of steemians has little in common with the old guard.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate... And greetings too all of you guys.

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Our pleasure and well done on picking a prize up this week!

well done you, more than one prize this week, thanks really awesome

Ah thanks again.
For getting Booster pack what i have to make?

Posted using Partiko Android

No probs :)

I'm not sure what you mean? I think you can sell the booster pack on if you dont want to play.

Oh i understand now. Those who become no 1 in different level, they get booster pack.Others get steem
So i got steem

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Whoa cool, 2nd place, what a pleasant surprise. Thanks @steemcommunity and @paulag.

You noticed faster than the post could be published - see this weeks :D And well done!

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