The Minnow Power-up League - Week #39

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Welcome to the Minnow Power Up League.

The Minnow Power-Up League is kindly sponsored by Steem witness @yabapmatt and @steemmonsters! Prizes will be issued in @steemmonsters packs and STEEM -

We now have 150 minnows that are growing and tracking their progress on the road to dolphin-hood. We also have 38 graduates. Together in the last two weeks (as we did not have a league post last week), the league members have powered up a total of 18,417.344 Steem Power. All participants since joining have powered up a massive 308,998.751 SP. To learn more about this minnow initiative please do have a read of our introductory post:

A big shout out and a warm welcome to the new league entrants this week - @bluerobo and @fredkese. We are happy to have you join us.

Do you want to join?

You can join or leave at any stage, all you must do is leave a comment below and let us know that you want in or out.

Let's Grow Together

Don’t forget we are all trying to grow so please do consider supporting the person above you and the person below you in the league by visiting their blog posts or even voting on their comments in this post.

The Minnow Power-up League

Every Thursday we will be using SteemSQL database managed by @arcange to gather details on the Owned SP for each person that has entered the league. The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held last week. The person with the highest SP growth for the current week will be on top of the leader board.

There are 4 levels depending on your SP levels. Once you graduate from one, you will be automatically placed on the next. When you graduate from the 4th you will be placed on the Minnow Wall of Fame. As this post could get rather long with the 4 levels, as we grow, we may consider splitting this into different posts on different days.

Level 1


Congratulations to @badmusgreene being first in the league this week with a massive power up of 291.055 SP.

In second is @cyberspacegod and in third is @zirochka. Well done the both of you!

leveling up to level 2 next weeks is @isarmoewe - Awesome!

Also in the top ten is @pifc, @masoom, @mango-juice, @dragonblades, @lion200, @mistakili, @mmunited. Well done on the Power-ups everyone.

On the home stretch in level 1 are @viking-ventures, @sumit71428, @hickorymack, @islanderman - you are so close to graduating from level 1, Steem on!

Level 2


There are now 32 active participants on level 2, and this weeks winner is @homesteaderscoop with an amazing SP growth of 192.201 this week.

Congratulations also to @naturalmedicine who has finished in second place.

Graduating from level 2 to 3 next week is @minismallholding - well done.

On the home stretch this week is @naturalmedicine, @robertgelbmann, @coolguy123 and @jlordc - not to long now until you reach the next level.

Level 3


@karamyog you are first in this weeks level 3 league with an SP growth of 146.843, sweet!

Also, good stuff from @bengy you are in second place, and nice work @brittandjosie you made third.

On the home stretch of level 3 is a @xabi.

Graduating this week from level 3 to the final level is @bengy. Nice!

Level 4


@georgemales you are first in level 4 league this week with amazing growth of 894.221P. That rocks! @fullcoverbetting in second place, well done.

@jeffjagoe you are on the home stretch, Next stop is dolphinhood.

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame. This wall is a showcase of the minnows that took part in this league and graduated to dolphin-hood. There are 6 new entries to the wall of fame this week.

Drum roll please.......welcome to the wall of fame and congratulations on reaching Dolphin status @akiroq, @jacuzzi, @bluengel, @cryptoandcoffee, @riverflows and @josediccus. It's been an amazing journey and we are glad you shared it with us.

A special mention to @akiroq with a power up since the last league of 4100 SP and @jacuzzi of 6720 SP.


This weeks prizes

We have a new prize and a new sponsor. A big shout out and thank you to @roleerob for sponsoring an SBI unit to the overall highest power up in the week. This weeks winner is @jacuzzi with a massive power up of 6720SP. Congratulations!

Well done to @cyberspacegod, @zirochka, @pifc, @masoom, @naturalmedicine, @minismallholding, @jk6276, @bengy, @brittandjosie, @voxmortis, @fullcoverbetting, @steemflow, and @anthonyadavisii who have all received some STEEM this week.

And congratulations to @badmusgreene, @homesteaderscoop, @karamyog, and georgemales for placing 1st in their respective level and picking up a pack of @steemmonsters cards. Be lucky!

That's it for this week, cheers all!


On vacation this week with my family, so "short and sweet" and fulfilling my commitments, 1 SBI share has been posted for @jacuzzi. You did it! And you are not only on the Wall of Fame, but near the top of it!! :)

With such a large investment to close out your climb up, I hope you enjoy many happy returns, in the months and years to come.

Congratulations to all of this week's winners and all of the hard work put in!

thank you soooooooo much as always, even when you are on holidays, nice - enjoy

Hey, @steemcommunity.

Looks like you all miss a week and all of a sudden there's six new dolphins when you come back! (Not saying you should skip more weeks, but that's got to be a record. :)

Congratulations to all the new dolphins for their efforts in making the Wall of Fame: @jacuzzi, @akiroq, @cryptoandcoffee, @riverflows, @josediccus and @bluengle. Well done.

Just a suggestion (it's your power up league after all), but I'm wondering if the minnow graduation wall might not be renamed in honor of Wolfhart, who reached dolphin status shortly before his passing. As I said, just a thought, and maybe not even an original one. :)

Congratulations to everyone with three digit or higher SP growth this week.

Onward and upward.

Thanks a million buddy,

Hey, @josediccus.

You're welcome. Glad to see you join the ranks. I wish I could say the climb gets easier from here—it gets steeper—but it's still a great accomplishment, and orca will be even greater. :)

It was the greatest accomplishment of my life and I hope i can make orca because it will be a hell of a ride

Well, hey, if HF21 actually does what they say they want it to do, maybe orca isn't all that far away and we'll all be celebrating the ride. :) I'm not holding my breath, based on the last hardfork results, but I've been wrong before and I really don't mind, in this case, being wrong again. :)

I hope we're wrong again sir because Hf can be very scary really and let's see how it turns out.

man - orca!! What do we need for that? Following you now. I've not ever met you! funny that. Best of luck!

Reaching the Orca level requires having 50,000 SP (Steem Power) @riverflows.

The "system" is a so-called "base-10" system. Dolphin - 5,000 SP, Orca - 50,000 SP, and Whale - 500,000 SP ... 🙂

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Ha, well, I am NEVER gonna get there unless i find a benevolent benefactor!!!

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You and me both @riverflows! 👍😏

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Lol a whole lot of support which I'm not likely to get hahaha

Ha, well, we can dream!!!!

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That suggestion of the Wolfhart wall could be a nice touch!

Hey, @bengy.

Okay, so we have a first and a second. Is that enough to get 'er done? :)

Wolfhart Wall does have a nice ring to it, alliteration and all. :)

Wolfhart Wall of wolf-inhood?

We could all become wolves instead of dolphins? :) I wouldn't mind a change in ecosystems. I've never understood how plankton and minnows are supposed to coexist with orcas and whales anyway, but maybe that's the point. :)

I would love to be a wolf instead of a dolphin

Thank you, @glenalbrethsen!

You're very welcome, @akiroq. And great work on the Satoshi Treasure Hunt, too. I'm in and out when it comes to those things, but you seem to be in the thick of things, trying to keep order amidst the chaos. :)

I do what I can, and I enjoy the puzzles tremendously. So much fun and a great way to get to know everyone. :)


Wow... i like that idea @glenalbrethsen xx

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I think we're building a small consensus here, @riverflow. I guess we'll see what comes of it. Thought it couldn't hurt to suggest it. One way to keep Wolfhart with us. :)

I love the idea. I was considering doing it on the redfish league as Wolfhart started there and always came to visit to support smaller accounts. its the redfish 1 year birthday this week and the first wall of fame is now really long. So im going to archive the current wall, under its new name, and start a new wall for a new year with the new name. There will be a birthday - Wolfhart wall announcement post where the inital wall will be archived and then the weekly league post will be done seperatly :-)

That sounds very cool to me, @paulag. I was pretty sure I wasn't the only one thinking about Wolfhart and either power up league. So, whatever you want to do is great. :)

Thanks Glen. Part one done and now on to the next level and who knows how long this one will take. Doesn't really matter as long as you are growing.

Nope. Growing is the important part. It would be nice to steadily grow a little more, which I think does happen, it just feels a tad incremental still. That said, STEEM keeps dropping, I might be investing again. :)

@steemcommunity, :D
Steem has so much potential for not only income... but more so for community. Its a great space will with many wonderful people that have a passion for helping, a passion for seeing their other Steem users grow in ranking. This is one of the BIG reasons I decided to power up to the next level.

I do hope to become a Orca one day and open my own Witness server. I see endless potential in the Steem coin and the Steemit ecosystme.

Thank you all for your support for the 13 lucky weeks I was part of this league. :D

Tho, I do have to ask... whats next? Is their a Dolphin power up league? If not, I would be happy to run one.. just dont know the code needed to pull together the amazing graphs and such...

Congratulations to my other graduating Minnows. To the other Minnows, new and old, stick with it. Find your place here in the sea and keep moving forward. :D


hi @jacuzzi and well done to you, that was so fast. yes, there is so so so much potential on steem and being an Orca will be awesome.
As for the Dolphin League, we were considering it. let me hit you up on discord about it :-)

Sweet! Happy to collaborate.

Is there any minimum SP requirement to join this league. If not please consider me too

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hi, yes there is a min SP for this league, its 500 SP, but on my account is the redfish league and I will add your name to that, its out every wed.

Ok, I am already a part of that Maam. Apologies if my request here is not in the best spirits...

Thank you @abh12345 and @paulag for everything you have done for me and I will be a bit of a spare part now. I have spent most of my Steem career on your leagues and will miss it. Dolphin to Orca would be fantastic and don't care how long it takes and you could do it in chunks of 5000 SP per table.
Congrats to all the winners this week and just keep going as you will all make it sooner than you think.

yepppeeeeeeeee congratulations you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! how amazing is that.......
And not a spare part at all, you are a very important part of the steem ecosystem now

I am ready!! I have graduated and now ready for Minnow League 😁 Sign me up, please.

I have been waiting for you :-) welcome to the minnow power up league, so glad you decided to join us

At least if HF21 goes through we will be able to see what the real effect was of HF21 when it comes to real actual account growth. Still going slow and steady, I hope it does not become a crawl after HF21 to dolphin.

if voters change their habits, I think we will be okay :-)

Cool, on the beginning of the last stretch! Thanks for the boost, hopefully it won't be much longer to reach dolphin!

you are getting there, soon you will be a celeb on our wall of fame

thanks to @steemcommunity encouraging ! 💙💙💙

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Thanks very much @bluengel!

Most welcome ! @abh12345 💙

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Thanks very much for helping us to grow in steemit community

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Our pleasure, and many thanks to number one witness @yabapmatt for sponsoring the power-up league.

Congratulations everyone!

wow you, look at you go. Holy moly. you will be taking over steem in no time. Im so delighted we are part of your journey :-)

Can I sponsor the highest winner for Level 2 with 2 SBI for the next month or so? Would love to give back. This league has been fabulous - thanks so much for giving me a little incentive to keep going. I don't know the other dolphins apart from dear @cryptoandcoffee, but I congratulate you and wonder - what's next after these leagues? Is there a dolphin league? How will I ever be motivated without you? Oh that's right, coz I love Steem. Yay. Onward and upward...

Of course you can sponsor, that would be absolutly awesome. People love prizes for doing what they enjoy...we all love steem. And hay, Im a dolphin too, you know me :-)
As for a the next league, we have been asked now by a few, it's just making the time :-)

Great. Put me down for next 4 weeks.💚

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Congrats to all winners! As long as we power up we all win!
Great to see you in level 4 @bengy.
You can almost smell dolphinhood 😁

Hopefully not in his Tuna sandwiches :O


Back to your pie charts and leave the comedy to the pros! Whoever they are...

Ha ha... That isn't a pie!

:) that would indeed be bad!
But no prob for me, I would always go for the Black Angus burger!
Mmmmh, beef!

Thanks, it's nice to be on the last stretch!

Congratulations to all you great Steemians. 👏 Cheers 🥂

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and you to 👏

Oh i thought the two weeks was going to be added together...doesn't matter though, huge congrats to the winners....huge thanks to the steemcommunity

the two weeks were added together. Do your figures not look right?

It looked smaller than I expected, first...but its okay, thank you

Congratulations to all!🏆
I do have one question... looks like all the 1st in their respective level won a pack of @steemmonsters cards; but i don't have an account with them, so how this is working?

Congrats :)

I guess the pack will be stored with your account, but you may need to buy a starter pack to get going.

Take a look on and see what is there.

you just log on their site with your steem acc, and you will be able to claim cards. i think steemconnect and keychain works

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Thanks a lot for the replays @abh12345 and @bil.prag!
I did manage to log in with the link provided by @abh12345 and took a look at the game. Have to admit it looks great and have a great graphic. Yes looks like i need to buy a starter pack in order to play so what i did just to have a bit of fun around i did convert the pack in to 5 cards and then burn them for DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) and then send them to Steem-Engine. The 120 DEC that i got are worth around 11 cents lol
For sure once i am home and have a bit of extra time i will buy a pack and start playing...
Have a great day all!

Much appreciated! And congratulations to everyone, well done!!

Well done to you too!

you are on my redfish league, you have to graduate from that first

Yes! thank you @paulag and Yes i will graduate soon thank you so much .

I'm no where close

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give it time, you will get there


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Shall I join in this league

you need 500 owned SP to join this league so I have added your name to the redfish league that out on a wed on my account. Your name will be included next week

I want to join ?

you need 500 owned SP to join this league so I have added your name to the redfish league that out on a wed on my account. Your name will be included next week

Thank you
So excited

Hi @paulag 😊 I am ready to transfer leagues glad to have you

I’d love to join. Already part of the redfish rally in the Steem Terminal Discord (where I saw a link to this post)

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hi, I have added your name to the redfish league on my account, when you graduated from that, you can join this. the post will be out on wed.

Hello, I want to join the league


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