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Hi everyone i am new here.
My name is Muhammad Sajid
I am 29 year old.
I am from Pakistan
I studied in Pakistan Lahore Degree name bachelor of commerce (B.Com).
I am new here in crypto.
My hobby is writing, playing games, internet reading. I like to work as professional writer and blogger. I also interested in politics,news, military updates and social issues.so i like to write on these topics in my blogs
And i found steemit by Lourdes she told me about steemit.
I hope there are good people who will support their jonior blogger
Thank you everyone who are reading my post and supporting me.@cryptokannon


Hi @sajid4465 welcome to steem community! Nice to know you. Could you edit this post and post it to Steem Greet Community here https://steemit.com/trending/hive-172186 as in my requirement in Achievement 1 here https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@cryptokannon/achievement-1-mentor-by-cryptokannon-verification-through-introduction
Please look at the verification section too. Thanks! See you soon!

Hi @cryptokannon this is my new presentation, I share the link please check it thanks!

Dear @sajid4465

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