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RE: Let's make #introduceyourself great again! - An update on @welcoming!

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When i did my inroductory post,i got just.00.80 . Almost nothing. Dont know why cos i wrote best thing. Its been so long now. First week of jan. this year. U can check if u wish

Thats not why i'm here . Im here to learn so i like commenting on people posts even though people dont read mine. Maybe im not lucky enough


It can be hard to get started man, I totally understand how it feels. To be honest, $0.80 is not that bad for a first post! Sometimes I get literally nothing haha!

Yes i have done many posts that brings nothing and i still did write on and on

Maybe you should focus on a little bit longer posts (no colorchallenges, etc.) and try to not use pictures you are not allowed to (you can use most pics from for example).

Ok i'll try that. Thanks so much

dont worry, just follow my account and we will help each other with upvotes and resteems and all we can do to get more views and earnings in HEEEREEE!!

I will follow all that follow me.. its hard to build up in here!

depends how your life is.. some people are travelling around with their cameras in perfect order to make great Foto blogging, others barely have time to sit down and have some time online.. others again have their laptop melt down after 1 week on steemit... life is a byte tough!

Thanks much. Have you done your introductory post?

Thats not the idea of steemit ;)

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