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Make a MEME about Whaleshares and Invite people to join our community.

Whaleshares is both a token and a community. The Whaleshares Discord Server is approaching 5000 members. With your help, I am confident we can reach 5000 members soon. Let's use humor and the trendiness of MEMEs to invite people to check out our community.

📜 The Rules!

1) Entries MUST create a MEME about the Whaleshare token and/or community and make a post featuring it.

2) Entries MUST invite people to the Whaleshares Discord Server in their post.

3) Entrants MUST Upvote AND ReSteem This Post
(afterall, this is a community-building challenge)

4) Create a post with your entry, then reply below with a link to your your post, you can put your images too, and BTS/OL account name in the comments.

🏆 Challenge Rewards

Winners will be chosen by @KrazyKrista in one week when this post ends. You will need a Bitshares/OpenLedger account to receive any rewards.

1st Place: 250 WHALESHAREs
2nd Place: 150 WHALESHAREs
3rd Place: 75 WHALESHAREs

Plus, ALL other genuine entries will recieve a small reward.

What are Beyondbits and Whaleshares?

Beyondbits and Whaleshares started as a conversations in the BeyondBitcoin hangout series shortly after Steem was launched historically in those very hangouts. It began as "community tokens" or "tag coins". These cross-chain tokens give their holders the power to Summon a Whalevote to posts without having to pay for attention. And they are only given to people who Win Contests and do other things of value to the community!

BeyondBit and Whaleshares tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares/OpenLedger account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steem posts!

Join the Whaleshares Community

Please join in the discussions with us by becoming a member of the Whaleshares community. We have a wealth of knowledge, information, and fun, friendly people waiting to greet you.

Whaleshares Discord
Steemit community discussions, contests and events.


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Yes! Finally something up my alley! :D

Here's my entry


Post: https://steemit.com/dmania/@jepu/whaleshares-meme-contest-entry-zg1hbmlh-pim6v

Good luck everyone!

Hello fellow Steemians. The following are my meme entries into the Whaleshares Meme Contest.

Whaleshares 1.jpg

Whaleshares 2.jpg


Whaleshares 4.jpg
My openledger name is crypto-everything . Thank you
Here is link to my post

Here is my entry


And here is the link to the original post.

Hope you like it

Do You Feel Like A Pauper?
Thanks for the contest- bts account (oath-indie)

This is my entry for the contest:


bts: jjb777

Thanks J



Bitshares- mphlx

Good luck! Hope you get lots of good entries.

This is my entry: https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@sheriffakin/whaleshares-meme-contest-8372f7575d073

This my bitshares address: sheriffakin1

ZomboMeme 17022018025043.jpg

Here is my entry for the contest.

BTS account name: lelads1

@officialfuzzy, thanks for this contest. I hope you all lol. Here is my link
Bts username: dha-yor01

Another lovely contest. I love to take part in contests. And I will try to take part in this one too.

@officialfuzzy how will the winner be picked?

Would it be based on the post with highest upvotes?


Its written in the post.

this is good update...
and most informative and useful so much...
i realize it so much...
keep it on..
best of luck

I've shared your post

Thanks for update

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Bravo good jop

&#128238 phenomenal & surreal!

&#128272 fantastic & embracing!

sorry before I want to ask, whether the new play like me can also follow this contest, please explanation, thank you

Thanks for update and useful info


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Thank You! ⚜

Of course i will participate in this competition.and thanks to whales for helping steem community☺

Wow, am on it now!

Thanks for this awesome opportunity.
You are the best

How do I get a whale upvote


Come see me in Discord and I will help you ;)

It's nice being part of this wonderful community. I would definitely do what I can to move it forward. By the way,@officialfuzzy can I still participate in the EOS talk meetup contest?


the meetup challenge is ongoing but you must notify us when you do one based on the challenge rules :)


Okay, I designed a banner already and commented with the link on the EOSTalk meetup banner contest. But I guess it's too late now since the winners have been declared. Anyway Nice work you are doing @officialfuzzy

Amazing post

This looks like fun, so I have joined and here is my post entry: https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@donnadavisart/come-to-whaleshares-my-meme-contest-entry

And here is my meme using some of my artwork.