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Hey Steemians,

As many of you know, it can be tough to get estabished here. According to data collected by @paulag on churn rates, we have a long way to go on keeping the users that do sign up engaged.


From Paula's post, which I suggest reading, Churn is defined as:

Churn = Number of Active users at the beginning of the period + New registrations – Number of Active users at the end of the period.

Based on the data, Paula found:

Both the average and the median monthly churn rates are 59%

Wow! That's pretty high. Another stunning piece of info, however, is that there seems to be a window of opportunity to keep these users engaged and communities like @abh12345's Curation and Engagement Leagues are able to provide incentive and connection for users to actually stay. (Again @paulag's stats prove this with the hard data.)

This coupled with these statistics I read in @tarazkp's post Are you a Steem 1 percenter? Do you know who is? really made me grapple with how I could enhance the Steem Blockchain where I'm at now. This is data @abh12345 pulled for him on number of accounts per SP grouping on Steemit.

< 100 - = 980776
100-500 = 13026
500-1k = 3442
1-5 = 4275
5-10 = 776
10-20 = 511
20-30 = 191
30-40 = 88
40-50 = 57
50-60 = 58
60-70 = 35
70-80 = 20
80-90 = 19
90-100 = 18
100k+ = 147

That's amazing. If you have over 500 SP, you are in the 1% on Steemit as far as SP is concerned (those numbers are taking all accounts into consideration and not only active accounts, mind you.)

This got me thinking. I know @taskmaster4450 has adopted a few people with the aim to get them over 1,000 SP. He has a lot more SP than we do, so I set my goal a little smaller, but still to be of value:

@mountainjewel wants to start "adopting" 1 minnow at a time to get to 500 SP. These will be accounts that

  • Post regularly with high quality posts (nearly every day)
  • Power up most of their earnings (over 90% while “adopted”)
  • Engage with other users (actively commenting, upvoting, being a part of communities)
  • Are involved in a positive and valuable contribution of creativity (engaged in the future of steem as an ecosystem and also benefiting humanity & the earth)

It is my goal to input and boost these accounts until they reach 500 SP.

From experience, reaching 500 SP is a milestone achievement and a valuable experience. Once they reach 500, I will redirect my support to another account. In this way, @mountainjewel can have an impact on an individual Steemian's life/success/and abundance and boost the Steem blockchain.

As more and more start flocking to the blockchain as SMTs are released and say if Steem rises in price dramatically, each amount of Steem Powered Up will provide basically a passive income for the holder and give them an upvote that counts. In this way, we're committed to tending the community garden that is Steemit (thanks @denmarkguy for this awesome analogy ;).)

Who will the first Starfish be?

I haven't picked anyone yet and I haven't devised exactly how best to boost them. Feel free to nominate yourself or another Steemian who meets the criteria listed above in the comments below.

It would be awesome if more people rallied around the Steemian we choose and put them on their autovote in order to really see some exponential growth in a Steemian's life one account at a time!


I'm into Steem for the long haul and this is one of the best ways that I can think of at this point to put my money where my mouth is. You know that whole starfish story ;) This is my one starfish at a time!


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Hi @mountainjewel

My name is Jason aka @buzz.lightyear.

I created this easy-to-recognize moniker name for one reason.

To raise awareness, interest and demand for more renewable energy adoption for the world.

I believe climate change is solvable.
I can see a future when renewable energy is our main source of electricity. Every home will have a solar energy system; generating, consuming clean electricity and sharing excesses with their neighbors. Thus, reducing the #1 contributor to carbon emissions by 90% and bringing our global temperatures back to its right balance.

LOL.. reducing global carbon emissions by 90% is quite a "tall" order when global consensus is just only 'don't raise the global temperature by 2°C!'.

However, do you agree that we kinda already know where we are heading? We tend to lose what we take for granted.

I am from Malaysia and I had built my career in renewable energy since 2008. But the renewable energy industry in my country has been tepid since 2016. I know something can be done hence I hope I can play my part to help the situation, starting with my home country then take it to the world.

About 48 hours ago, I just released a paper on how I plan to attempt just that.

I would be honored to be your first starfish.

Hope I qualify. Thanks!



hey Jason, love your mission and passion!! thanks for sharing what you're about here and such a clarion call for all of us to pay attention to. i completely agree and we run our homestead off of 100% solar energy off of the grid. i too would love to see humans running everything on solar.

I'll give you a big upvote when my VP is recharged. I love what you're about and may consider you for the future, but I'm really looking for someone who is very active (posting about every day on the platform). you make excellent content and i wish you the best! i'll keep an eye on ya and follow you now! :) thanks!


Thanks @mountainjewel. I appreciate all the support I could get.

This rocks. you rock. a small step that will make a massive splash. thank you very much for the shout out and reference to my posts.

there are too many people I would like to nominate and if I leave one out I could end up in trouble :-). What are your criteria? tell us more on the qualities you would like to see, are you looking for awesome authors? or engagers? or future community leaders?


aw thanks paula. i appreciate the kind words. i've been really moved by the data lately to be a part of what i want to see here on steemit. i listed some of the criteria (albeit vaguely above):

  • Post regularly with high quality posts
  • Power up most of their earnings
  • Engage with other users
  • Are involved in a positive and valuable contribution of creativity

To expand upon that, i want to support community minded high value content creators who are here for the long haul (and have a track record to prove it- i will check lol). i want to focus on people who are actively engaging with other users (don't necessarily have to be future community leaders per say, but people who will continue paying it forward.

i'd like the awesome author and engager combo. i'd love to see some awesome authors truly get rewarded and reach 500!! i know some people post and post and post on here and see little success - these are the accounts i want to help grow- the ones who are obviously making an effort and who are committed here. i want them to feel encouraged, to stay and have a larger stake in the system. much of my community here has always been made up of accounts under 500 SP.
thanks for asking so i can hash it out a bit more!

I'm also doing this on a larger scale, and happy to talk about methodology. You can see my basic method in this post.

I have a list of people I want to include in that as I tune it but I'm probably not going to get to all of them. Hm, I'll pick one from the middle of the list and nominate @lymepoet.


thanks for sharing your methodology and for your recommendation of @lymepoet (i am following her :)). i think i'm going to start off focusing on one person who posts frequently to see if that type of single focus and "mentoring" can get them there quicker. i'm interested to follow your project's progress! way to go!


What an awesome choice @tcpolymath! I curate for @asapers and love @lymepoet's work! :)

Loved @paulags post. It did strike me how many people give up because they dont feel supported. Id love to support people as they struggled here! It mad such a difference to my enthusiasm starting out. Im so in love with this Steemthang. Man... I work so hard on my posting as you know, and Im trying to get to 500 Sp to make a difference to others on this platform. But you are already so generously delegating to me and there are so many others so deserved too... would be such a hard choice for you to make! Such a great initative...


Id love to support people as they struggled here!

i think so many of us would we just don't think we have "enough" sp or whatever to do so. but if we band together, we can really make a dent. you know i love you and your content! you'll continue to go far here and be to 500 in no time my dear! perhaps you'll consider boosting the first starfish with some upvotes here and there?


Absolutely!!! And thanks xxx I do feel I'm progressing, slowly but surely, and I'm having fun whilst doing it, which is a bonus, plus meeting gorgeous peeps like your good self!!

What an awesome initiative @mountainjewel :) You guys rock!!


thanks dear! one at a time!! <3 much love!

I am one of the people with a delegation from @taskmaster4450. So far I am sitting at 363 of my own sp. I try and power up a little when I can, but I'm also disabled and unable to work a regular job and need a lot of the sbd I get for basic survival. So my progress is slow, but I spend a lot of effort on Steemit!


you're doing great @phoenixwren! @taskmaster4450 is so awesome for supporting so many!

Why post regularly? Which you define as almost daily. It could be that daily posters have a higher retention rate then Steemonians that post less.

And why not support someone that writes lots of comments?
To my opinion Steemonians like @glenalbrethsen and @lynncoyle1 are really good for this platform!
So you could support one of the top10 engagers from @abh12345 curation league.


What a good suggestion :D

Most of the top guys are minnows or close already, but perhaps the list would come in handy for some of the criteria.


Thanks for your suggestions, they’re great ones. No doubt Glen & Lynn (hey that rhymed!) are fantastic members of our community and integral parts of Asher’s leagues. As a high quality content creator I want to focus on others who do the same in this vast steemit ocean. My starfish will be prioritized (at least for now) by people who post regularly. My starfish, my rules ;) but it’d be great to see more support for the league’s participants from someone else!


Thank you for that @crypto-econom1st :)

Badass idea. I've been wanting to set my friends on an auto other as you mentioned, but can't figure out how. Can you recommend one that's easy to use for a little guy?

Love your idea. I'm on a quest for 1100 SP by the end of the year. Just hit 95, which is neat :) It's a good place to be. If I were to recommend folks for you, I'd say to take a look at @brockolopolis, his wife @elfmyselfandi, and my good friend @burntoblog.

Good luck on your quest, and congratulations to your new apprentice, whoever they may be.


thanks for the positive feedback about our project.

we use for setting up autovotes on specific people and for following a couple curation trails of groups we're a part of. either would suffice :) steemvoter may be a little easier, but both are easy to get the hang of.

great luck on your quest! love to see the long term goal and thinking! awesome! and thank you for your suggestions and well wishes :)

This is such a thoughtful and motivational initiative! Very cool indeed!!

I've been wondering lately how many of my followers are actually still on steemit or are "junk" accounts. Based on the stats I can presume that a good chunk are probably no longer active.

Thanks for sharing the statistics I found it all quite interesting. We used to analyse stats and track churn all of the time with our old job - it got us right back into that mindset debating the whys and hows of the matter. It's pretty neat to see all of this "corporate data" being as most companies not on the block chain hide this data so deeply that only the execs ever get to play with it. It's also really phenomenal to see the users trying to solve the problems, help people succeed on the platform and make this system successful. I think that is really powerful and rare.


Hi @walkerland, check this out.
You have 162 dead followers and 669 ghost followers. Hope this helps.


Thanks for sharing this!


wow you've just alerted me to another strength of the blockchain in your last few sentences.

It's pretty neat to see all of this "corporate data" being as most companies not on the blockchain hide this data so deeply that only the execs ever get to play with it.

i didn't know that (but of course it makes sense) and the strength of the transparency of the blockchain is that WE get to see the truth and work to fix things before the whole system just explodes from internal problems that "top dogs" are trying to hide, haha! wow... so revolutionary.

i agree about dead users- those whole "follow" everyone 15 SP 30 day old accounts that follow as soon as we post really inflate the follower numbers, huh ;) thanks for your kind words!!

I don't know if my content is exactly what you are looking for, but I have posted every day since joining on February 3, 2018 (except 1 sad Friday...) and I think I might meet the other criteria. I'd like to be a star fish at some point, if you'd consider me.


yes you are definitely on my radar @goldenoakfarm. your high quality awesome homesteading content and frequency of posting do not go unnoticed. thanks for nominating yourself! i'll be mulling this over the next few days and will announce my first pick soon (it's a thing I'd like to have ongoing.)


Incredible! Every single day I get more and more amazed by the spirit of community on Steemit.

I'm patiently waiting the right moment to unleash the beast and power up the SBD's I've been piling up, as every day I feel more confident that this platform is the way to go.


<3 awe so cool to hear your response! more and more i see so many efforts people are making to support and encourage others here. it is really heartening!
haha yeah the ratio has not been very good lately. hopefully BTC will rise soon and we'll see another surge of cryptocurrencies. I've been slowly 10 SBDs at a time trading them in for Steem and powering up. I definitely think powering up is the way to go!! (especially when SBDs are worth so little!) long term thinking will reward many who are holding stake here, i believe.

What an awesome way to give back to community! You guys rock.


thanks for your positive feedback! paying it forward and trying to spread the abundance here. it's the way the blockchain works so we should amplify that. it's not like our current "scarcity model" economic paradigms!

I love that idea and the attitude and heart behind it. I will think about to join this movement.


thanks @modernpastor- that would be excellent!!

What a wonderful thing to do! It is still my own personal goal just to be able to post regularly enough for people to realize I'm here! haha. I wish you (and your starfish) much luck with this project.


thanks so much for your positive support of this project @barracudadiaries! keep it up. it can definitely take time to get noticed here. building relationships and commenting commenting commenting in the beginning on a wide variety of posts is really a great way to get noticed!


thanks so much for your positive support of this project @barracudadiaries! keep it up. it can definitely take time to get noticed here. building relationships and commenting commenting commenting in the beginning on a wide variety of posts is really a great way to get noticed!

What a great endeavor!
Every little bit helps, and I am sure this will be super encouraging to people you help, and even people who just hear about it. Shoot, I find it encouraging.
Good job! ♥


Every little bit helps

yes indeed!! glad to hear that it encourages you. more and more i've realized that steemit is really what we make it. we can't wait for someone else to come in and do the work we see needs doing! thanks for your positive support of our project ;)

You are amazing! Proud of you! :)


XOXO as are you! rooting you on towards 500!!

Hi, I love the starfish story, and this is a wonderful project. I would nominate @thaishps. She is working hard and already did a contest to give back, though she is just starting on Steemit. She may not power up the 90% though. She is in Venezuela and Steemit may be her best shot at income. Take care!


Thank you @giddyupngo, I am very grateful for your support


thank you for your positive support and nomination of @thaishps :)


You are welcome. :-)

This is a great initiative you guys are launching here


thanks so much for your positive support!

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This is a very good initiative, people really need more and better engagement. I’m not in the position to buy myself some steem, so i have to grow my account myself. i’m on steemit since march, but the reach of my posts is not so good. I decided that i need to start writing more valuable content, but ... since i’m not a native english speaker, this takes up way more time, and it’s harder to post on a regular basis.


that is a unique problem you present. as i said to another commenter here- a key to succeeding early on is actually going out and commenting on other people's blogs- we did this a LOT in the beginning and it was crucial to our success. thanks for your positive support of our project!


Thanks. I comment quite a lot, ‘personal’ engamgement is very important imo, and it helps the fight against the bots.

Thats an honorable thing to do, Good luck in finding these people


thanks. the more i'm here, the more i realize steemit is what we make it!

Wondering what happened with this?