Community support- How to help a Steemian in need by upvoting their comments.

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Hey guys

I just quickly wanted to jot this down. So during your time on Steemit you get to know people, make friends or sometimes you come across someone in desperate need and you want to help them, but your upvote is only a couple of cents.

If you're not able to donate to them directly, the best thing that you can do besides resteeming and upvoting their post, is to do the following:

  • Go to the person's profile,
  • Select comments and scroll down to their comments that are 6 days old.
  • Start upvoting from here.
  • You can keep an eye on your voting strength using Steemnow by @penguinpablo. When you get to about 70% voting strength, wait for your power to recharge and then resume upvoting their comments and posts, starting at the oldest first. It's up to you how low you want to take your voting power, 70% is just a guidline.


Using this method you will make sure that they get a bigger payout faster. When someone is waiting to buy medication the 7 days before payout can be an eternity, nevermind the time it takes to withdraw to FIAT and be usable.

I hope that was helpful.

Please go have a look at this post by @davemccoy Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain. It inspired this post.

"This is a message to go out to all my followers to try to help a man named Brian Courteau. He has terminal cancer and is living out his last days in Mexico with his true love @lynncoyle1. Both of them are fantastic people, and I like many, have found their love story both sad and beautiful at the same time."

Hope you have a good day

The Modern Dragon

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Wow! I don't know what to say! First of all, it's so nice to meet you;) and Brian and I cannot thank you enough for doing this. Your post sends a great message for those who sometimes feel that their upvotes aren't worth enough, and want to do more for someone. What you've done here however, is to go above and beyond anyone's expectations, especially ours. Brian and I will never forget your kindness, caring and support; in fact, we're both pretty overwhelmed and in awe of it.

Thank you so very much! This is something we will never forget :)


Nice to meet you too Lynn :)
You are most welcome.


I only just saw I was logged in on my personal account instead of the work account when I answered your comment lol. So hi, this is me on my own :)


haha that's ok. What is your "work" account for? If you don't mind me asking? :)

Thank you again...


The Modern Dragon is my husband's art/ illustration/ freelance page. He draws dragons and other fantasy creatures and I then get it printed on postcards, cards, posters etc as well as run his online print shops on Redbubble, Teepublic and Inprnt, and I do the admin involved with going to conventions and stock take etc. In the day he is Art Director at an animation studio and at night he does digital or traditional , usually dragon themed, paintings and digital sculptures.


That is so cool! Thank you for taking the time to fill me in; I'm always so curious what people's real life jobs are, but more so, when it's linked to steemit. Cheers :)

Great way to spread the news @moderndragon we are many, but we are few. Supporting each other is a simple thing to do, yes @lyncoyle1 is actively helping others while she carries on quietly.

Hey, been missing you guys but just wanted to say thanks for the interview you did with @lanmower and the school of minnows project. I only noticed you back here because I saw I up voted this post through it, I haven't checked my feed yet.
This is also a very good tip you shared in this post.


Hey Sult. Yes I haven't been on in ages, some new life things happening that require a lot of attention, but I will do a post on it in May. We have a comics convention coming up this weekend and after that we'll be able to take a bit of a break.
Hope you're keeping well

Oh wow! This is such a simple system to provide real help and support, I can't believe I didn't think of it.
Thankyou for making this wonderful community aware of it.

I hope that just like me you are getting chills just thinking about the way our ranks on the blockchain have started to have a real world effect on peoples lives. I was incredibly touched by the plight of @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau but I have been truly overwhelmed at the coming together by people from all walks of life

I believe we are seeing the first tiny sparks of our capability here and it is awe-inspiring!

It is nice when people send messages of support and I have no doubt that Lynn and Brian would have been grateful and energized at the show of support but thankfully we have been able to back it up with genuine assistance to help them through this time when all they needed was somebody to lean on for a little while...That's what friends are for right?

Best wishes to this beautiful couple who have yet more memories to make and more laughing and loving to do and thankyou to you @moderndragon for making us aware of this method of giving even more help sooner :)

Image courtesy of Pixabay


This really is a good idea, isn't @stevenwood?! And Brian and I are still in shock at the coming together of this community; I still can't really believe it! Thank you again for your kind words, your thoughtfulness, and...well...for just being you!! :)

I really like the idea because of the time frames involved. Going and upvoting comments towards the end of their payout time is definitely more immediate and will withstand whatever fluctuations in the rewards there might be.

Just a couple of things. Don't wait too late on the sixth day because at some point, they lock you out and you can't vote. Six hours? Eight? Something like that.

The other thing is, I know this happens on posts, not sure about comments, but there are people who don't like sixth day upvoting. I suppose if the amounts are small, it will probably pass unnoticed. I'm not trying to say don't do it. I'm just saying, some people can be pretty sticky on things like this and I'd hate for anyone who's trying to be kind being flagged by someone else who's way to letter of their own law. :)


I just tried on an older comment and the error I got was within the last 12 hrs you can't upvote


Okay. 12 hours. Thanks for confirming that. So, when people go to vote, they will need to check how far along on the 6th day the comments are.


Thanks man.
Yes I went with 6 days on the comments because of that cutoff time. Like @sparkesy43 confirmed, they give you an error for comments that are on the time limit.

Oh yes, some people don't like last minute upvotes on their normal posts because it would have had a bigger reach had they been upvoted sooner, but I think when someone is in the position of asking for help they really don't mind you going through their older posts. You can only upvote someone once after all :)
Also, after the first 30 minutes it makes no difference to the original poster in terms of payout vs. curation %. Only visibility is affected.

In the same way I know people who freak out if you dare upvote your own post, but as I see it, upvoting my own post means my followers get a bigger payout on their curation rewards and besides, my upvote is worth all of 6 cents at full strength. I try to upvote every good comment on my posts, so that way people are being rewarded for interacting anyway.
Currently my voting power is going to take 64 hours to recover from my voting spree yesterday :)

Great idea. Hadn't thought about trawling through for old comments approaching payout

Hi Lizelle! What a wonderful thing to do... I almost missed this in the sea of all the outpouring of help for Brian and Lynn... I'm glad I saw it, and happy you have done such a beautiful gesture to help them even more! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day yourself :D

Here's some rather informative info to go with your post. It's done by a friend and is about 'dust value' (i think that's what they call it) i found it quite surprising actually. And, choose to act differently now that I know this. Let me know what you think.

And, i am curious why you say go to 70%? I always have thought 80% was the threshold.


That's very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

" Currently if a post/comment earns 0.001 to 0.019 SBD worth of rewards - this is rounded down to 0.00. If a post/comment earns at least 0.02 SBD - then they receive their reward.
-@timcliff "

I wonder why though? I was getting my .001 curation reward on a comment, why would they zero out a 2 cents payout to the author?
It is definitely better to add to an already upvoted post/comment, and in that way piggy backing a 1 cent vote on top of another 1 cent vote. This is the kind of thing that newcomers need to know about. I've been here almost a year now and I'm still learning :)

70% was just a threshold I wrote down at the time. It depends on how strong your voting power is to start with how low you want to take it down to. For someone just starting out their tiny upvote goes down very quickly, but it you have a hefty upvote then you can go far before you get to 70%. It really is just a personal preference :)

Thanks again for sharing, I'll be implementing your advice on my voting strategy going forward :)


You're welcome! It is really important! I hope it doesn't get increased to $0.10 as has been suggested. Plankton and minnows will have such a hard time getting traction. Glad it was useful for you. Peace & joy to you 🌸

lovely tip. I never know about upvoting late will have more increase in the payout.


Thanks! It helps the money get to them faster than if you just upvoted their newest post rather than it giving them a bigger payout per se.
Immediately voting on someone's new post still gives them the highest upvote curation-wise, but you can only upvote a post once. By going back and upvoting comments you have the chance to upvote them for multiple posts and instead of just giving them a 2 cent upvote, you're giving 2 cents on every comment you upvote as well. ( At least until you run out of voting bandwidth )

You can also see the value of your upcoming expected payouts and curation rewards on Steemnow.


I understand perfectly now. Thanks a lot man.

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Good idea.