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Minnows Community Posts

**Want to get your post resteemed? Simply join our Discord community group in the link- https://discord.gg/zmvQHEz If your post is worth sharing, I will share it!**


The first post today is about "Writing better poetry" by @somethingsubtle

The second post is "What are you thankful for today?" by @ma1neevent

The third post is "Awakening to the chaos we created" by @nobutsd

Make sure to check these posts and to join our discord community in order to get exposure for yourself!

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Thank you for the mention! I appreciate what you're doing to help other Steemit Users!

hey I was thinking of trying to get something together myself as the minnow mutual aid society or something like that. So yes I would love to join you. I resteemed that last post too. I think it was the title. Of course backed up by the content.

Hi, thanks for your interesting post. Welcome to my blog @evgenya

Awesome. Thanks for the share once again!