Yes I've had to create one in order to keep track of everything for teamnz.

Has Teamnz followed them all? - so many from our old list seem to have stopped posting...

I'm trying to follow all the active Kiwis except for chronic resteemers.

I probably need to update the 'following' list, actually. I'll try and do that this week.

There's not a whole lot posting consistently, but I guess that's the same everywhere.

I've just updated our list - it has 100 names on it and 30 are active

Email me on [email protected] and I can send you a copy

Got it thanks - but my emails to you are bouncing back as undeliverable?

How odd. Once I used your email addy it was added to my contacts list so should have been approved as safe.
I fiddled with the contacts setting, so maybe you can try again - otherwise you might have to DM me in Discord.

At least you got my list thumbs up. Aint technology grand, lol.

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